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Sketchbook magic and November 30 day sketchbook challenge finished

Day 30:
Prop: Inks, brushes, pencil and more
Subject: Thanks

Wow, last day!!! I have put so much drawings in this project. Maybe gave you all a little overload ;)

I wanted to make a beautifull thnx, but instead I tell you: Thnx for all the good remarks and sweet comments. I really loved this project. 

After the class and the -30 day november- I really hope I will make my creative start of the day with a little drawing NOT fade away. It makes me want to come out of my bed and enjoy creation!

I loved looking at other peoples work and being inspired by them. They are all so awesome in their own special way.... 



Day 29:
Prop: Pencil, my new chinese ink brush and indian ink
Subject: Full

What to do with full, I didn't know. So I played around with the word and letters a little and thought of a image I drew after.




Day 28:
Prop: Palette knives and acrylic paint
Subject: Lanterns

We also have a celebration where kids walk around with handmade lanterns and go door to door, sing a little song and get some candy for it. Its called St Maarten. 

Unfortunately the painting failed... but playing with the palette knives is still fun!



Day 27:
Prop: Koh-i-Noor Crayons
Subject: Coat

Love this one!! I looked for a picture of a coat and drew it.



Day 26:
Prop: a stamp and watercolours
Subject Warmth

I found a stamp of sunglasses in the 2nd hand shop where I work. I immediately thought of just doing some old fashion stamping.



Day 25:
Prop: Graphic pen, pencil, colored graphic pens
Subject: Hat

So, a hat. Ria asked what I would be as a hat, and I took this tip and worked it.



Day 24:
Prop: Cheap graphic pen
Subject: Snuggle
Time: shorter

Again short time: A pile of books, the best to snuggle with!!!



Day 23:
Prop: Cheap graphic pen
Subject: Still
Time: short!!!

Time was short again today, so a quick sketch of music fading into a puddle



Day 22:
Prop: Cheap graphic pen
Subject: Scarf
Time: short!!!

Only short time today, so a quick wooly scarf.



Day 21:
Prop: Pencil
Subject: Cabin

So a cabin... My grandparents had a cabin in the woods, and every 2 weeks we went there. I loved that place!!! Unfortunately they had to sell it in 2001 and now there both gone, I really have so much fun memories from us playing there, in the woods. I drew this from my memory, at home I found a photo of a similar house online. My memory wasn't quit right, but not to bad...

Also, I drew this one in pencil, here, at home, I worked it out a little with a graphic pen.




Day 20:
Prop: A cheap graphic pen
Subject: Pie
Time: As long as the flight was steady

Ok, I'm off to a 4 day trip to Berlin. I have brought only a few things to draw with me, and we will see what we get. First, in the plane, I thought to make a doodle like Kerby Korsane, who I think is the best doodler alive! So I made a pie doodle, in his style... good practice!!



Kerby Rosane example: No, I cant even come close to that!!!!



This is the result after playing with the day 19 sketch again ;)


Day 19:
Prop: Curcuma!!! (Turmeric)
Subject: Spices

Love a good curry, and I know that the spice Curcuma gives colour to the dish. I have a little box of Curcuma lying around. Will it give its colour to paper? Lets try!!!

Not a beautifull result, but a beter smelling sketchbook it is!!! 

(I also tried cinnamon, but that didnt give much colour ;))



Day 18:
Prop: Watercolours, al the kinds I have
Subject: Park

I love grass, picknicking in the park, lying in the grass, and I remember seeing something like I just made, I dont remember where though. So, again, a copy of someone elses work. But it is a sketchbook, so I can learn from someone else cant I?



Day 17:
Prop: Watercolours and acrylic paint
Subject: Family

This is copied from a picture I found on the net. At least... I loved it and tried to make a similair tree ;) I dont know the maker of the original, else I would have credited him/her. And I did search!!


Day 17: the example


Day 17: My result, family tree


Day 16:
Prop: Stabilo coloured pens
Subject: Boot(s)

I really love the way this one came out.... !!!



Day 15:
Prop: pencil
Subject: Socks



Day 14:
Prop: 0,5 graphic pen
Subject: Acorn

Ok, didnt know what to do at first. Acorn sounds like "eekhoorn" the dutch word for squirrell. So first I thought about drawing a squirrel. But then I looked at some classmates work and I got inspired to try something with letters.

I like it. It might need some colour...or structure




Day 13:
Prop: Palette knives
Subject: Leaves

Mwah, not really my best work.... leaves on the ground.



Day 33 or 12:

Last day of my original sketchbook challenge!!!!! I did it.... phew.. and only 1 day missed

Prop: Sponge and liquid ink
Subject: Apples

I made some stamps out of a sponge, awesome, that was easy carving. And the result?? I like



Day 32 or 11:
Prop: Palette knives, acrylic pant
Subject: Tea

Ok, I really love the palette knives now. So on with it, experiment away!!!



Day 31 or 10:
Prop: Pen and Colour Pencils
Subject: Chill

Ohh, we have a very nasty winter season here, not now though. It has been the hottest start of november ever. But normally we dont have much snow and ice in the winter, only if we are lucky, but rain and wind and fog... bleh... So a good scarf and hat are very usefull here. 

This is an old char I used to draw in my teens, I got it out of my memories and I still like him.



Day 30 or 9:
Prop: Stencil brushes, acrylic paint and a leaf
Subject: Seasons

Just had some fun with paint and making a pattern in changing colours from the season



Day 29 or 8:
Prop: Automatic pencil
Subject: Gathering...

Couldn't do something with it. Thought about a gathering of birds. That brought me to a goose I once draw. And felt like drawing it again, times 2... Maybe Ill work on this one some more later.



Day 28 or 7:
Prop: Automatic pencil
Subject: Home

Well, I already thought about my hometown, and drawn my favorite toy from my youth. So I thought about this a lot. Cloggs, mills, tullips, pot, red light district.... Hmm do I want to show that part of Holland. Nahhh...

Last week, I saw a documentary about a very famous dutch character, Nijntje or Miffy. Dick Bruna, the creator, is a very nice man and a great illustrator. I thought: let me try to duplicate Miffy. Wow, that wasn't easy. It looks so simple but isn't...



Day 27 or 6:
Prop: Acrylic paint, pallete knive
Subject: Bonfire

Bonfires is not something you see here. But in the eastern part of the Netherlands we have easter fires. When I was a little girl I witnessed a few. Beautifull!!



Day 26 or 5:
Prop: Gaphic pen
Subject: Feast

Hmmm feast. I thought of foods. So decides to make a taxonomy about my favorite foods.


I think that I never worked this long on one of the sketches and I can see that time can enhance the result. 



Day 25 or 4:
Prop: Divers inking pens
Subject: Hay

A needle in a haystack, also a saying in Dutch. So lots of lines. Find the needle!!! ;)



Day 24 or 3:
Prop: A straw and liquid watercolours
Subject: Colours

I love colurs, really. And I saw a straw lying down on my tray and thought, lets try something with that. 

A burst of colour happened. Simple but fun!



Day 23 or 2:
Subject: Gourds

After googling what Gourds were, I didnt feel inspired by it. But tried it anyway. Maybe making something uninspired will make something happen. 

Well, not this time...



Day 22 or better Day 1 of the november challenge!:
Prop: Acrylic paint, my fingers and a nr2 brush
Subject: Fall

Just a little painting of a tree



Day 21:
Prop: Watercolours, oil pastels
Subject: Aliens
Time: Unlimited

Today I wanted to work like we did in kindergarten. Color a whole page, then cover that with black oilpastel and then carve a drawing with something sharp.

Fun idea, but failed completely. Doesn't matter. 



Day 20:
Subject: My childhood

Just a drawing of my favorite stuffed animal which I got at my 3rd birthday.


Day 20: "Aap" with HB pencil


Day 19:
Prop: printer
Subject: My hometown
Time: short

I live in Haarlem, the Netherlands. A beautifull town 20 minutes drive from Amsterdam. We have a lot of historical buildings here. But the most standout is the "Great Bavo" Church at the Market square. I can see it from my window in the distance.

And then something happend here.

I wanted to make an ink drawing of the tower of the Bavochurch. I searched for a nice picture of it on the net, and found an old technical drawing, and printed that one. Somehow my brain glitched in lazyness and I wanted to transfer it into my sketchbook, so I made the printerpage wet and pressed it facedown on the paper, a few times, it worked and I love it!! I looked at it again and again while drying, to see if I wanted to do something with it. But I dont!! So I leave it at this. Maybe, one other day I'll try to work with it, make some copies, and have fun with colour and stuff. 


Day 19: A beautifull picture of the buildings at out river "Spaarne"


Day19: The "Great Bavo" church at Haarlem centre



Day 19: My sketchbook accidental lazy page....


Day 18:
Prop: New, very cheap, watercolours
Subject: Food
Time: Unlimited

I saw the beautifull painting of fruits that Ria Sharon made and wanted to try something similar.


Day 18: Radishes with cheap watercolours


Day 17:
Prop: I loved the result with the palette knive, so I want to try it again
Subject: Faces
Time: ∞

So Faces it is today. I could think of a lot of ways of making faces, but since I love the day 3 palette knife result, and I have made some nice colour faces in the past. That became my goal. I did research a little on the net and found a lot in the style I had in my head. So closed the browser and started. I kinda love it again ;)))



Day 17: Faces with palette knife and acrylic paint 


Day 16:
Prop: Watercolours
Subject: Trees
Time: 15 minutes

So trees today. If I look out my window, I can see all the beautifull autumn colours. So there, inspiration  right in front of me. 


Day 16: Trees with watercolours


Day 15:
Prop: Indian ink, pippet, straw, pen, coloured pencils
Subject: Monsters
Time: ultd

Ok, I picked monsters today and thought about folowing the class about making monsters from ink drops. So I followed the class. It was fun, and at the end of the day I decided to make one in my sketchbook, and its horrible!!! The paper from the sketchbook, immediately sucked all the ink, so the spot didn't become nice. And the final drawing is ugly!!!!

Ugly things also belong in a skecthbook... Failures... But I dont want to show the full thing here, so only a small piece of it.... that wasn't so bad :(


Day 15: Monsters with Indian ink


Day 14:
Prop: Oil pastels, stir stick, white ink
Subject: Fashion
Time: Whatever

Fashion... FASHION... tssss. Not my kind of inspirational thing, I dont do fashion. I hate skinny models, to expensive clothes and a world of make believe.
But ok... fashion, lets try if I can make a fashion like drawing. 

First I made the blue one... didn't like it, made the yellow one... didn't like it either, decided to work on the blue one a little more, and it turned out ok



Day 14: Fashion with oil pastels


Day 13:
Prop: Pencil
Subject: Birds
Time: A lot!

Today I drew "birds" from the bowl and I decided to work on an old sketch from a vulture I once made. Or is it a pelican now... ??

Working in my old style was fun... and it felt good to work long and hard after a day of nothing... a little bit like making it up. Am I to strict for myself?


Day 13: Vulture with pencil


Day 12:
Shoot, it didnt happen today!! Been al little ill and at the end of the day, I felt like sleeping... 

Today, the day after, it doesn't feel ok. I don't want to skip a day, that's not why I enrolled..., but started on day 13...


Day 11:
Prop: Automatic pencil
Subject: Pets
Time: Why not? 5 minutes

I felt like throwing my dice. So I looked up a picture of a hedgehog online, that's kind of a pet, not? I threw the dice and 5 minutes later.... (And an extra minute to finish the nose)



Day 11: Hedgehog with pencil


Day 10:

I've been so occupied with the Watercolours class, I decided to try some colour excersise in my sketchbook.


Day 10: Watercolours


Day 9:
Prop: Acrylic paint
Subject: Fruits
Time: ultd

I still need a subject help from the magic bowl, but the medium I tend to choose less magical, although yesterday was really fun. Today I chose to paint an apple.


Day 9: Fruits with acrylic paint


Day 8:
Prop: Mouth Atomizer, Liquid watercolours
Subject: Feelings
Time: Funtime!

Today I picked a mouth Atomizer, and didn't know how it worked anymore. So, the subject got a little bit lost, while experimenting with the atomizer. I made a few test sheets and decided to make a stencil in the shape of a hart... the universal symbol for love, so still a little bit of feeling in there.

Everything around me got speckled, I had a lot of fun today!!!


Day 8: Mouth atomizer and "Feelings"


Day 7:
Prop: Stencil brush, acrylic paint, pen
Subject: Toys
Time: Unlimited

Wel, I got "toys" and didnt know what to draw untill I picked up my prop, looked at the shape and decided I could probably make pretty fun marbles with it... so I did!


Day 7: Marbles with a stencil brush


Day 6:
Prop: I wanted to work only with my favorite pen... so no magic here today
Subject: Geometric shapes
Time: as long as I liked

I  started with a little square and worked from there... loved the shape of the whole pattern that grew under my hands. But it was to pale. It needed colour! Alle the shapes that tended to be square got a blue shade, and the biggest shape became red! 



Day 6: Geometric shapes with my favorite pen and some water colours.


Day 5
Ok, today time was a little issue... friday is the only working day for me. But after midnight, while feeling tired I decided to still go for it!

For the continuing story of sketchbook magic I drew 28!! Wow, I guess I will show you a lot more here

Prop: a pipette 
Subject: Words that means something to me
Time: as long as I could keep my eyes open
I couldn't think of a word, but since my prop was a pipette, I decided to just drop some liquid watercolours on the sheet, let them flow around and see where it would get me.... it became blood and the word "peace" popped into my head. So... here's the result... 


Day 5: Peace with liquid watercolours and a pipette


Day 4:
Not really an issue for me... space... actually time isn't either. It's passion, and getting out of my comfortzone. But ok, I made the fortuneteller, and only could think of 4 spaces relevant to me (and the weather). Bedroom, balcony, couch or dining table. So there I went and it became.... dining table!!!

The subject was "things from my junk drawer" and it was a clothespin. The medium was ink. 


Day 4: Clothespin with Ink


Day 3:
Today I first picked, magically, a palette knife. Instead of oil paint I decided to try with Acrylic paint. The subject I picked is: Book titles, and after looking through my big bookcase (really, its big, and how to make a choice then!!) and found the book "Catherdral of the ocean" from Ildefonso Falcones. Loved that book!! And then the dice rolled to 6!! Lucky me.. I thought...

Wow... that's short! But again, fun to try! 


Day 3: Cathedral of the ocean, with a palette knife


Day 2:
I Picked Flowers from my bowl (it only became one) And I'm pleased with it. Was frustrated with what I first drew. It was ugly!!! But I thought: "keep on going girl!", and I did, and it came out better then I thought at first.

What I did find out, that its better for me to put the mediums on a tray instead of a bowl, so I can also pick the small ones...To much big stuff!


Day 2: My favorite brush, and aquarelle paint (water colours)


So... I enrolled this class, the first on SkillShare, because I have lost my creative touch. I attended Arts academy 22 years ago, stopped after 1,5 years and havent found the fun back really. 

Now, for day 1, I put all my mediums on the table and I picked koh-i-noor chalks (or brown chalks). 

Didnt know what to do with them, so I followed the example and started to make a little pattern...


Day 1: Koh-I-Noor chalk


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