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Sketchbook magic / November challenge

Hello everyone,

I joined the class a few weeks ago but was overwhelmed with other personal stuff and didn't give the project the attention it deserved.  I thought by joining the challenge,  I'll be able to deliver consistently.

My idea for this month is to sketch food in any form so it will be interesting to see where it all goes. Whatever the theme that we are given,  I'll try to illustrate it through food ... Double the challenge :)


Giana's sketchbook magic - Day1

Day 2 - Bitter gould ... I've personally never tasted as the name puts me off ... However,  I find the texture interesting to draw.


Day 3 - Colours

I love going back home to Madagascar and going to the fresh produce market.  The colours of the vegetables and the fruit are just so mesmerising.  Nature has everything we need, indded, when it comes to colour.  I tried to capture the market vibe back home with this sketch ...


Day 4 - Hay

Our relation to food has changed recently with the social media buzz culture.  A lot of people cannot start eating without taking a picture of the food first or taking a selfie eating.  Here's what it would look like in the horses world.


Day 5 - Feast

I cannot think of feast without a roast ...


Day 6 - Bonfire

A family favourite whenever we made a bonfire back in Switzerland: Grilling cervelat on sticks.  Good memories.


Day 7 - Home

We love rice in Madagascar... So much so that we could eat a bowl of it with one piece of meat ... Here's a quick illustration of it in pen and ink ...


Day 8 - Gathering

Another family favourite when gathering with friends : the Swiss Fondue 


Day 9 - Seasons 

My favourite season is Summer ... I love the heat, the colours in nature, in food, on people.  My day was rather hectic so here's a quickie with watercolour...


Day 10 and 11 - Tea:  License to Chill

My day was a bit hectic yesterday so I decided to kill two birds with one stone ...  


Day 12: Apple

Who doesn't like a good Apple tart? 


Day13: Leaves

I grew up in a country where we ate a lot of leaves but I only recently discovered "kale" ... 


Day 14: Acorn

I found a picture of a cute squirrel stuffing his face and used it as a reference.  I tried to find some recipe using acorn but couldn't.


Day 15: Socks

"chaussons" is French for socks.  Since I challenged myself to only draw food, here's my take on this the theme. "Chaussons aux pommes" - The French version of "Apple Turnovers".  It was a rather quick job, made with FC PITT brushes


Day 16: Boots

It's the season to be jolly ... What better way than with chocolate? Here's a little Santa Boot chocolate, almost ready for Christmas...


Day 19: Spices

I love spices.  I cannot live without spices.  I use them in my cooking, in home remedies, in everything.  My husband even jokes about it that I have a spice remedy for everything...


Day 20: Pie

Christmas is fast approaching.  Mince pies are one of the things I enjoy around Christmas time. 


Day 21: Cabin

I am starting to like the ink and pen mixed with minimal colour pencil effect ...  Here'e a cabin pantry ...


Days 22 and 23: Scarf and Still

A good way to still one's mind is to fully enjoy a cup of hot chocolate.   I decided to combine scarf and still in one illo as I am in catch up mode...


Day 24: Snuggle

I decided to draw a loaf of "braided bread" aka zopf or tresse ... The braiding effect bring the snuggle imade in my head.  I wanted to have a litte mouse snuggled comfortably in the dough but changed my mind and kept it simple.


Day 17 - 18 - 25 and 26: Family - Park - Hat - Warmth

I am in catchup mode so here is 4 prompts combined in an aerial view of a family day in the park.


Day 28: Lanterns

Here are some lentils stuffed pepper for Halloween.  (reference photo from google.



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