Sketchbook color inspiration

Sketchbook color inspiration - student project

I made 6 collage pages using scrap piece of decorative papers. The one pictured above will become the cover of my sketchbook. #AnneButera

Sketchbook color inspiration - image 1 - student project



I decided to play with doodles today using the only white pen I have. It is a bit thick to use for this but it is all I have at the moment in the way of a white marker. 

Sketchbook color inspiration - image 2 - student project


@AnneButera- I found the patchwork stars worked great for practice in painting up to another color. I have some variations in the strength of color which is a learning curve for me in working with these new paints. It takes little pigment to get color. I am heavy-handed as that is what I have had to do with student paints in order to get a good deep color.  The bleeding colors were fun to watch blend together. 

Sketchbook color inspiration - image 3 - student project