Sketchbook Play

Sketchbook Play - student project

I had a lovely evening working through a bunch of the exercises after I finished watching the whole class.

So far I have:

1.) Scared away the Blank Page Monster by marking a page that I have yet to add to (went a bit dark in the color I feel - will see what I can do with it, maybe collage over it??)

Sketchbook Play - image 1 - student project


2.) Shooed off the Timidity Monster by drawing some big shapes and turning them into characters:

Sketchbook Play - image 2 - student project


3.) Pulled faces at the Decision Overwhelm Monster:

Sketchbook Play - image 3 - student project


4.) Took my time to create this pattern to repel the Time Monster:

Sketchbook Play - image 4 - student project


I yet have to say "Boo!!" to the Realism Monster and have a word with The Critic.

As I was playing in my sketchbook I also prepared some pages to do Hirameki, a fun game with shapes that I enjoy a lot. 

I really enjoyed playing with all the ideas you suggested and trying things in a different style than I usually do. Thank you for a lovely class!