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Ieva Bielskė

Freelance Illustrator and Linguist



Sketchbook Magic+Nov Sketchbook Challenge


Ok, so I haven't finished the original project, still got 2 more pieces to do. I'll upload entries to November sketchbook challenge on top of the original project.

Day 1 - Leaves

Inspired by Eric Carle (did a bit of work in Eric Carle style back at college) and Tracey English I finally decided to try my hand at painted tissue paper collage. I didn't use real tissue paper, but rather that filling paper that comes in shoe boxes. It painted quite well, though I'd have liked brighter colours, but then maybe it's because the paper has a grey tint. But it was a challenge to spread glue and then stick the leaves on the page. I nearly ruined the top maple leaf 'cos parts of it stuck to paper before I positioned it properly. I think I'll use real tissue paper from now on for more delicate things, like some of these leaves, and that shoe-box-filler paper for blocky and simply objects. Overall, I'm rather happy with the outcome.


Day 2 - Gourds

Just a little pattern of gourds - blue and yellow with polka dots, because why not? Done in watercolour and gouache.


Day 3 - Colours

Was lazy with this one - simply used some leftover watercolour and gouache paint from a palette.


Day 4 - Hay

Not exactly hay but close enough -  wanted to draw a stack of crop instead. Used crayons, pencils and watercolour.


Day 5 - Feast

Some nice wine, a selection of cheeses, grapes and olives is a favourite feast to my belly :) Experimented with a mix of different media: charcoal pencil, smudged with crayon on top, colour pencils, and added background shadows in paper stump, which I used on charcoal earlier.


Day 6 - Bonfire

Colour pencils on black paper. I love how colour pencils on black paper leave marks similar to chalk on blackboard.




I'm a recent illustration graduate, slowly building my professional portfolio, so I already make art every day, or at least attempt to do something creative every day. So for me this class is more for experimentation and inspiration.


Day 1

I made this image for the first day by spreading leftovers of block printing ink with a palette knife.


It looked like a fish, and I forgot to take a photo before doing any modifications to it, hence the pencil and marker marks. Later on I added more details in drawing ink.


Random marks are truly one of the best sources of inspiration, especially when you're stuck with ideas or simply suffer from a creative block :)


Day 2

I have a large plastic bag full of various prompts that I've collected over the course of several years and recently printed them all out. I drew "a telephone". I used acrylic paint and a plastic card to paint the telephone, and painted a dial as well as added some splashes in drawing ink.



Day 3

I rolled the dice and got 3. Since with my kind of work I don't have work every day and thus have plenty of time to work on my creative career, I decided to multiply by ten, so 30 minutes of drawing. I'll also use 1-6 minutes sometimes to challenge myself. So then I picked a prompt from my large plastic bag of prompts and got "Draw a view under a magnifying glass (include the magnifying glass)". I've been meaning to make a series of drawings of spices seeds, so here's my chance! I chose black pepper.


Sorry for bad photo - I've poor lighting for taking photos and am too lazy to use a scanner for daily drawings :)



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