Sketchbook Magic

Sketchbook Magic - student project


Magic prompt: "Food"
Project length: 14 days (day 1)

Decided to use my "x"day project to create a "finished" piece at the end. I let my sketches stay loose to try and figure out which direction I'd like to go with it... the angelic pizza is definitely speaking to me (but I might just be hungry) 

Sketchbook Magic - image 1 - student project

"Fun foods to draw:

  • coffee
  • donuts
  • eggs
  • pizza
  • hotdogs
  • burger
  • toast
  • fruit
  • cupcakes
  • cookies"


Magic prompt: "Transportation"
Workspace: Office

Took the opportunity to flesh out an old doodle.

Feeling pretty good to keep up with this!

Sketchbook Magic - image 2 - student project


Magic number: 5
Magic prompt: "Everyday items"

What's more "everyday" than a Jansport? My mini comes with me, wherever I go. (Plus, it's the perfect size for a sketchbook!)

Sketchbook Magic - image 3 - student project


Magic prompt: "Place you'd like to go"

Stuck with the calligraphy brush here to keep playing with ink on brown paper. I had to stop a bit prematurely due to how thin the paper is, but I think I may come back to this again and continue working on some darker textures. Thank goodness for irons - I wouldn't have been able to photograph this without flattening it first!

Sketchbook Magic - image 4 - student project


I've cheated a bit here and let the magic pick multiple tools (my hand hit 3... and I couldn't choose!)

I thought it was cool, given the range of my supplies, that I selected all brush tips. It was fun to play with the different flexibility of each brush. :)

Sketchbook Magic - image 5 - student project