Sketchbook Magic


I'm an undergraduate graphic design student and I've been wanting to get more into fine arts. I've always had a hard time drawing and have a hard time keeping a sketchbook because I get discouraged. I'm taking this class to help me get into the habit of keeping a sketchbook and have fun while doing so!

Day One

For this task, I chose a small Lego. I had fun experimenting with how the dot prints looked and how for most of them, two dots were linked. I also had fun seeing how different the mark looked when I dragged the lego along the page.


Day Two

Today, I drew "song lyrics" as my prompt and a black colored pencil. I decided to do a sort of literal doodle of the lyric "the moon's a skull/ I think it's grinning" from Human Sadness by Julian Casablancas + The Voidz. I ended up going over the colored pencil with a bit of watercolor pencil to create a slight wash over the surface and adding some red for the stars. I'm intrigued by the outcome but it's a bit messy for my taste, so I might redo it sometime with a pen/marker to make it more bold and graphic. I enjoyed this process since I'm a huge music fan and have been wanting to do little doodles of various song lyrics for a while so this definitely inspired me to start doing things like this more often! 


Day Three

Today I had six minutes to draw trees. I chose to do palm trees and picked a brush from my supplies. I decided to experiment with my black sumi ink that I found lying around. It was a bit stressful to have to create so quickly, but I like how I was able to create something in such a short amount of time. I like the streaks that the ink created and will definitely be experimenting with more timed sketching.


Day Four

I had to draw something with geometric shapes in my bathroom with brush tip markers and I only had 4 minutes to do it. I was originally going to do a pattern but figured I'd do something a bit simpler due to the time constraint. I was originally just going to color in the overlapping shapes but I noticed my bathroom tiles and was inspired to do crosshatching in the overlaps instead. I'd like to do something similar with more complexity, but it was cool to see what I could achieve in such a small amount of time with little thought beforehand.


Day Five

I picked 14, so I'll be making art for (at least) 14 more days! Today I went over to a friend's house and we decided to make art together. It was fun to be doing similar projects and receive encouragement from one another. It definitely made the process more fun and I'll try to do that more in the future when I feel discouraged. We got inspiration for our projects at Joann's Fabrics. We saw a craft kit with silver designs printed on white paper, and they came with a watercolor set to add fun colors on top. We decided to pick quotes and write them in silver Sharpie and play with watercolors on top. My quote is one of my favorite songs by Blood Orange and also a reminder to myself as I keep making art every day. It doesn't matter if it turns out differently than I expected, it is what it is and it's better than doing no art!


Day Six

I got off track yesterday but I'm back at it today! I decided to try a still life of a really pretty bell pepper that I found in my kitchen. I used oil pastels, and I like the end result even though it's a bit messy and could use some cleaning up. 



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