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Even bad art is good for the soul



Sketchbook Magic

Day 5: My X Day Project: 

Pulled this guy from the magic bin ...


Day 10 of 10 My X Day Project: This last one was drawn from the magic bin of ideas and is the last of the ten drawings in this project. I picked "bees" so I found this one on google and had a couple of goes at it ;) 


Day 9 of 10 My X Day Project I pulled "farm animal" from mymagic bowl and when I googled that, I met this fine fellow! I used a B pencil and was sitting in my chair with my ipad out for reference.


Day 8 of 10 My X Day Project I was sitting outside, enjoying the evening with my son and started to draw the cat, who sat still for the 5 minutes before I picked up my pencil. As soon as I got her shape, she took off. Used my B pencil


Day 7 of 10 My X Day Project I used a different pencil this time, a 6B. Its very soft and smudgy. I was sitting in my chair and I chose the pencil sharpener that was in front of me.  He's a piranha!


Day 6 0f 10 My X Day Project  So I chose a photo that was on my mind but I didnt want to actually try humans, they're hard! I did it but it was such a bad drawing and that I didn't try again for 2 or 3 days. I got back to it, but no people for a bit I think. I was sitting in my chair, had the photo out on the ipad and gave myself 5 minutes on the timer. You can do anything for five minutes, right? :)


Day 5 of 10 My X Day Project: sitting on my butt in my chair. I had been eating nuts and remembered a package I still had sitting around from Sweden, so I grabbed that. Ive been working on perspective and whatnot.  What I also noticed about this is I really dont enjoy a lot of fussy detail in drawing. I have had this feeling before, but really noticed it today. Im not sure if its frustration at not being able to create the thing I want to acuratly enough, or if i just really dont like that process. Anyway ... 


Day 4 0f 10 My X Day Project  sitting in my chair, drew what was in front of me charging cellphone, round box top, can of pepsi and my rather large ring.


Day 3/10 Daisy, at home in my chair, from a photo (with chocolate smudges ;)


Day 2/10 Pinecone on a napkin, on a placemat,at home in my chair, from a photo,


Day 1/10 My waterbottle, at home in my chair, what was in front of me


End of the 10 Day project :)

Day 4: Space.  I dont mind sharing my bad art after, but the during is a little different. I did this one at a break in the drive north, near Abisco. We waited here for a bit for the road to be cleared from an accident. My friend was on the phone and boiled water for coffee while I wandered off and sat on a roadside fence and took in the view and tried to first sketch and then another attempt was made with watercolour pencils. I was influenced by my view and the cold. And from the awe I felt at the place.  I dont think it transcribed! 


Day three: how did this exercise make me feel? As time is an anxiety trigger for me I was a little scared of this one. I watched and did the prep then stalled for hours. But my supplies kept calling and so I knew if I wanted to use them I had to just do this thing and role the dice. I was pleased and surprised by the amount I was able add in detail. While time is still a little scary in terms of imposed outside limits and expectations, I was surprised to see how much I could do in a little bit of time.


Day two: my favourite part? My favourite part of this exercise was the process of letting go to whimsy and randomness! I've had no end of inspiration here, but sometimes too much inspiration is  just as much a problem as no inspiration!


This course, and hopefully a few more, are part of a vacation treat to myself. I'm far from home and taking a break from my life to recoup and revitalize my body, mind and soul.  A slow vacation that is focused on taking the time I want to develop some skills and invest in some personal interests, like art, yoga, reading & journal writing.



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