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When I reached to grab my random mark-maker, I ended up with a waterbrush that I haven't been thrilled with.  It was neat to do a whole page/spread with this just to see what different things I could do with it. I learned that it's pretty decent for the dry brush technique, which I'm not very practiced at.

I took this class because I recently set a goal for myself to do a minimum of 20 minutes of art a day.  Anything counts, from putting color on the blank pages of my art journal to write on later, to working on the final of an illustration.  I love that this class addresses the excuses for not making art with ways to get started even when you feel blocked.  When I was younger, something about me thought that "just making marks" was wasting art supplies, or time, or both.  In the last year I've set myself free of a number of similar notions.

Thank you!

 April 6


April 7


Those were fun creatures.  I chose my box of Ironlak Fine liners to make my marks today.  I have a love/hate relationship with sketching with a pen.  For example, I love the face on my cappa, and the one hand, but not the fairy's hands, and not the kappa's body.  But there's always something charming that pops out if I let myself sketch with a pen for a bit.

April 8


My word yesterday was Nostolgic, and I used a paintbrush with my watercolor for 5 minutes - because that's what my dice said.  I have a second version where I spent an extra couple of minutes adding outlines.  This was fun.  I certainly think less about perfect and move more with limits, which is nice.  Like the pen, I find lovely gems in my art that would not have happened if I was allowing an eraser.

April 9


The word I picked from my bowl was flower, and my place ended up being my home.  I filled this page using my ink brush pen.  I don't know yet how to choose between a better flow of ink, or something dryer like I ended up with here.  I also think that this ink brush is empty enough that a good ink flow might not be a choice anymore.  But that's okay, because dry brush is it's own technique to play with :).  

April 10


Thank you for your words in the last lesson and the final thoughts.  

Similar to your story with your daughter, I was called out as an artist when I wasn't making art.  I was helping my niece color a coloring page and she was giving me crayons to use and telling me where to color.  I grabbed a 2nd color to make shadows with and she looked at me for a minute and said "you're an artist, so I'll trust you".  I hadn't made art in nearly 5 years when she said that, and it hit me really hard. In my mind art was something I used to do.  I give that 8 year old girl a lot of credit for my current path.  She got an email address this year, and my sister says that my sending her pictures of my art have inspired her to be quite an artist herself.  Someday I'll have to tell her that she inspired herself by reminding me that I'm an artist.

My magic number of days to do my sketchbook is 10, but certainly I hope at the end of the year there are very few days that I haven't done something in my sketchbook, and on those days, let's home that I was doing some other form of art :).  The magic tricks found here will be a great way to get started.  I have been using art as a verb for quite some time now, and I love when other people use it that way too.  Art is so much more than the pieces that come out of it.

Today I used my Luna brush pen with metallic ink.  I got this in an Artsnacks, and it's a fun ink brush.  I highly recommend Artsnacks or any creative monthly subscription box for an artist in a rut.  If nothing else, make yourself do the challenge, which is to create art with only what's in the box.  It'll force you to try supplies you might not have considered.

April 11


I'm in the habit of doing my sketchbook before bed and posting it the next morning, so here is last night's page.  I've been having fun with those brush pens, so I pulled out both of those tonight.  There's some fun blending you can do with them if the ink it still wet.  I may want to get more of those luna pens, but I haven't defined what I'd do other than just mess around with them like on this page.  Which isn't the worst thing in the world, but I'm not quite ready to invest in them just for that :).

April 12


I did this drawing after taking another class on sketching here on Skillshare.  I need to finish it, but it was fun.

April 13


This is what I was working on yesterday.  It's not in my sketchbook, but it was fun.  

April 14



Finished this up tonight.

April 15


Did a swatch set with my watercolors, as well as the page on the other side.  This isn't all of the art I did yesterday, but it's what is in my sketchbook :).

April 16


I was playing with my watercolor pencils and watercolor crayons today :).

April 17


I drew this happy little tree with my watercolor crayons for my blog post.  

April 18


Drew this guy watching the movie 9 with my kids.  It was charming, but bizarre.

April 19


Some sketches during swim lessons.  I don't feel like my little kid faces look like little kids.  Something to work on :).

April 20


Woo!  This is the last of my 10 days in a row for the end of this class.  It starts with my first dragon for the 100 days project :). See you in Sketchbook Magic 2!


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