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The November 30-Day Sketch-A-Day Challenge

About me

OH, this is my first project in the skillshare. I'm so anxious. This is a great experience, very challenging. My name is Gabriel and I'm not a artist. I started to draw a very little time, just a few months ago.And I'm still scared to show what I draw. Unfortunately, I have no scanner and'm a mediocre photographer then my pictures were awful. It made me a little upset, but ok.

Nov 30 - Giving Thanks!



Hey, victory! I managed to complete the challenge of drawing for 30 days straight (mostly). On that last drawing I did  thumbnail with all my drawings posted. It was really fun and allow me to analyze calmly everthing I had done in this month.

I'm not sure if I improved. But during the challenge I forced myself out of my comfort zone, tried some other styles. Well, I certainly spent a lot of anger and I don't like mostly of my drawing. And that is good, because motivates me to keep trying.

Someday I will become as good as the vast majority of people who have posted their projects. This is a matter of time, because I know one thing ... I will continue drawing a sketch per day for a long time.

Thank you, Ria Sharon. Thank you everybody to saw my project.

Nov 29 - Full


I hate draw this. On the third glass I was willing to throw it all away.I did not, but drew poorly.

It was useful. I learned that I hate do paterns. I hate draw the same thing many times, mainly when trying to next been equal to the earlier. On the future, if I need to create patterns I will draw one thing on the computer and then copy and paste it - like a civilized person.

Since this drawign was shameful, take this Samara sing Adele's "Hello" as compensation.


Nov 28 - Lantern


I drawn these lanterns randomly on the page. Howeve,r after that,it felt quite wrong. Like ... it was floating on the air. So I did branches holding them. It was better, but it served as a warning - it wiser think about the composition before draw something.

Nov 27 - Coat


Nothing to say here.

Nov 26 - Warmth


Warmth like a mother hug.

Hey, debuting my new sketchbook. I'm so proud of mysef. I finished another sketchbook. 

Nov 25 - Hat


A guy with a pirate hat. Not something complex or colorful today. I'm tired and I really want my bed.

Nov 24 - Snuggle


There few things more "snuggling" then a warm blanket and a cup of tea. 

I really like these drawing. I think that I draw the folds of fabric well. And I like the composition. 

Nov 23 - Still


I think that I read somewhere that blue and indigo colors are calming, so I think it's a good idea to represent a paceful still.

Another drawing that I am upset with the result. I did a test usign watercolor but it didn't work in these paper (bond sheet). The water was quickly absorved and it turn the color badly distributed.

But, on the other side, I like to draw "dolls", the forms not defined. It easy and fast. I will try draw more of it.

Nov 22 - Scarf


I HATE THESE DRAWING. For the first time when I start these challenge I really hate a drawing that I made. It may sound silly, but I feel very hurt myself for having drawn it. The arm are totally wrong, the face weard and the colors poorly applied.

But the part that hurt me more is because these are one of my favorites character - Ms. Marvel. And drawing her bad is for me is much worse than if it was just a bad original character drawing. I really felt that I offended the character and who drawn her.

Look, my goal in learning to draw is to make fanart. I really want draw my favorites character because they are important to me. They are more than drawing for me, they are friends. They are models. I know their stories... god, I even make more stories myself. In short, I want to draw them well because they have value to me.

Sorry for the outburst, but I think it was important for you to understand my position about this drawing.

Nov 21 - Cabin


A really...REALLY bent sketch. In addition, you can also see the design on the reverse (my first attempt to draw a comic, which will never be seen).

There is one thing you need to know: I HATE camp. I don't like cabin or thicket. I like city. The maximum contact with nature that desire are potted plants.

Nov 20 - Pie


Apple pie. I love it, but I don't have any idea how to draw it. It's one my first attemps to draw something more realistic. (not much, just a little) and I don't know if I like it.

Nov 19 - Spice


Spice remember me pepper. I like pepper earrings. I want to draw a girl with a pepper earring. What if she was a dragon lady?

God, I really need a scanner or a digitizing table. This stuff to take pictures with the cell ends with the image quality. I will buy one of them Christmas.

Nov 17 - Family


Just a family shopping. I wanted to make the character with a certain degree of opposition to one another, so the made the first dad smaller and stronger than the second dad, who is more formal and feminine.

I like these drawing, but I made a lot of mistakes when I was inking it and it made me upset. Also I strongly feel that this image needs a background.

Nov 16 - Boots


Another late drawing. When I saw these theme I really wanted to drawing a image that has a boot and the front plane and image coming far from that point. (It is called on perspective, I think).

Also, I had that image in my mind has been some time, since I met Babs Tarr (my idol). She made a Sailor Moon drawing for me in her amazing design. (Really, it's great. Google it now). So I made a Babs Tarr's Sailor Moon myself.

These drawing sucks, but I really proud of myself. It's one my first attemps to draw something in perspective. I'll redraw it in a few months when i become a better artist.

Nov 15 - Socks


A late drawing.

Nov  14 - (Not) Acorn


 Acorn are a kind of seeds - some that I never seen before. So, insted of drawing a acorn or a squirrel (which also never saw) I draw some seed.

Nov 13 - Leaves


A fast sketch made of pencil. A like this drawing - it is cute. During this challenge I'm realizing that like to draw cute things, more childlike and girly.

Nov 13- 15 - Break


In these three days was virtually impossible to draw anything. I was on FIQ (International Festival of Comic) on Belo Horizonte/Brazil and it was amazing and exausting at same time.  I met a lot of amazing and inspiring artists and I spent almost all my salary comic.

Fanboy mode on

I met the amazing Babs Tarr. She draw the Batgirl and Black Canary comics. I draw the Batgirl above to give her. And she took it. And made a sketch. It was amazing. 

Fanboy mode off

It's great meet new artists. I'm so inspired now to draw more and become better. Hopefully the next time that I meet with another of my idols will be able to present them with a better drawing.

Nov 12 - Apple


Apples remember me Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, so I had a Snow White. Her design is a little diferent because I didn't use reference when I was drawing - it a habit that I should have to develop.

I am noticing a pattern - I make a lot of mistakes when I was tracing the drawings with the ink pen and I usually try to correct it shadowing. Like, these Snow White shouldn't have these big eyes with dark cicles in my sketch - but I love it. 

Nov 11 - Tea


I'm veru upset with this drawing. My intention was to draw a cute waiter serving ice tea (I love ice tea), but I I did not get a satisfactory result. I spend more than 2 hours last night drawing and redrawing it and always had a problem - the arm size don't match, the hand is strange, the face was weird, etc.

This drawing is my first sketch and I don't like it - but it is the better one. Also, it should not be shaded, but I had to shadow it to fix a mistale that a made when I was doing the final art.

Nov 10 - Chill


Do you wanna know what cause me chill? Ghosts. Ghosts in deserted places, where it should be just for you. Except that there seems to be. It then comes the chill, shouting - prepare to be haunted.

Someday I will do backgrounds that make sense, but that day is not today.

Nov 09 - Season


My favorite season is summer. I live in region in Brazil that are quite dry called Cerrado and half of year we spent complaining about the lack of rain and then comes the summer that bestow us with terrible water shock, but it's still better than no rain at all.

That was a really fast drawing - it took me about 25 minutes to draw and move the ink drawing. Obviously it brings in sloppy design, especially when the anatomy. But better that than to do nothing and blame the lack of time.

Nov 08 - Gathering


Ever people are a gathering of emotions - a messy, chaotic gathering. I like these drawing, but it miss a lot of color and brightness when it was photographed. this always occurs when the image is photographed or scanned or is it just a matter of enlightenment? What do you usually do about this loss that quality?

Nov 07 - Home


"Minha casa está onde está o meu coração, ele muda minha casa não." Translating from Portuguese: "My home is where my heart is, It change my house not." This is the chorus of the song "Nomade" from Skank (search it on youtube) and it touches my heart deeply.

I did not like the experience of drawing letters. It's boring and I've wanted to throw my pencils on the wall in the middle of drawing. Well, at least I learned something else -  stay away from calligraphy class in the Skillshare.

Nov 06 - Firelight


Lovely children spending a pleasant time around the campfire - what could go wrong? Today I used crayons and I had some mix feeling about that material. It quite fun using it, I felt like a child. However, these material is so chuckle, it is it is almost impossible make a thin line or little details, like peoples. And it makes everything with a grainy appearance that I don't like. But drawing it was fun. Now, back to pencils again.

Nov 05 - Feast


Feast remember me food, so I made some cute/spook food. I edited this picture in my cell. I increased the contrast and saturation of the image and quite liked the result. The colors were more expressive and shadows caused by the lighting difference decreased.

Nov 04 - Hay


Hay is boring, then I put a shirtless dude in front of it, because why not? Today I was training male anatomy, something that I have a lot of trouble. I'm still learning this and if a kind soul want to comment pointing out the clear anotomy errors in this drawing I would be grateful.

Nov 03 - Colors


I had a lot of work to make this drawing. Virtually have no experience in making semi-realistic drawings (not cartoony). My first idea was to shade the whole drawing in graphite to highlight the colored part, but I found that I am still not able to do that well, then I blacked out almost all under shade parts. But I think the end result was not so bad.

Nov 02 - Gourds


In the country where I live (Brazil) too artisans make dolls with gourds, so I draw one.

Nov 01 - Fall


I draw "Falling in darkness" using watercolor pencils (mostly). It's one of my first try to use watercolor and I made some mistakes. Not all pencils are watercolor (the clear blue and clear pink aren't) and I just figured it out when I was puting water on it. And a discover that graphite are water soluble too. So, I learn a lot today.

I am so embarrassed. I did not remember that "Fall" refers to a season and only remembered its meaning as a verb.


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