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Hi everyone, 

My name is Caio Mascarello and I'm illustrator and artist from Porto Alegre, Brazil. 

Right now I'm kind of stuck on my artistic pratice, I've been working a lot as a freelancer, but that made me put aside my own artistic work and that sucks :/

Therefore I'm taking this class to get back on track with myself and so far I've been loving it!

For more of my work you can check my portfolio at Behance or check my intagram @caiomascarello1

Would love to hear from yall. 

Day 15:

Made it to the last day. It's been a great journey and I will keep working, drawing and have fun. 

This is my bird man, time to fly. xo


Day 13 and 14:

So this weekend I went on a therapy retread and as I do while I'm in "therapy" I worked with my left hand. 

On the retread I work a lot on my anger and I gues it shows in my sketches




Day 12:

One more day! I did it while a was waiting for the doctor, my character is kinda sad :(


Day 11:

One more day! Today is the day I have theraphy, so as I mention before I draw with my left hand and usually I do self-portraits, so this is me today!


Day 10:

Started I new sketchbook for a project I took recently, this is one of the first pages.


One more day yay!

Day 9:

It's hard to keep up, skip one day but I'm back.

This is yesterday's. I was in a meeting and just draw free.


Day 8:

I miss it yesterday :/ 

Today I kept going so decided to keep working on a drawing I did.


Day 7:

Today I had tons of work, but I got to do some drawings for a project I was working on and I gave myself sometime to warm up. 

I have this inspiration poster of Kim Kardashian-West Breaking the internet issue of Paper Magazine in my desk. So I start sketch and experimenting with fire and I start drawing it. 

My Kim end up with very strong arms so I called her Drag Kim (as Drag Queen), I love the flow of ideas here, hope in the future keeping drawing my Kim. 



Day 6:

Made it one more day! Yay!

Today I had therapy and usually before my session I work on my small sketchbook with my left hand (normally I draw with my right hand).


So I didi this self portrait, I was kinda blue today so I guess it reflects how I was felling. 

Oh, and a little kid come over to me while I was drawing, He asked me if it was a person, I said yes, then he sad the pants was horrible. Found it funny. 

See yall tomorrow.

Day Five:

Today was a busy one and I got my drawing while I waited at the doctor. 

I love I've been keep pacing with the class and I enjoy my drawing.


By the way I got 10 extra days of work ahead. Let's keep working!


Day Four:

Made it another day! Yay!

I have never played with the fortune teller and it was hard and I gave up on that. 

So decided to work on my dinning table, the lighting there was very bad wich made me kind of unconfortable. 

Earlier today my uncle send me a picture from my childhood and I felt I should take that to draw. It was a short time drawing but I might work on it later.



Day Three:

So today the challenge really suit me: I don't have time!!! But again I made it! 

I rolled the dice and got 5 min. Got a Molotov Pen to work with and I pair it with some pen and pencil.

And the topic I got was Pets.




Sometimes I fell the more control I have over the materials the less I like the work. I felt it got very childish, but again the last two days have been a battle to keep on working and I made it so I guess I should see the positive of my determination rather the shortcomes on my drawings. 

Also, maybe I should learn to play with this childish looks of my drawings and embrace it, rather than fight it. 

Day Two:

Day two is today (saturday) so I was trying to convince myself to do it on monday but I was stronger and got back on my sketchbook. 

I pick the topic transportation and my material was a straw, I also picked this face paint to work with.


What I liked about today project was that I felt everything went wrong :P

The straw is a very bad material to work with, the face paint didnt flow well, I try some black ink and it didnt work good, anyways I know sometimes that is just what happens and that was nice. 

I try to illustrate my bike, because it is my main transportation. Maybe next time I try to do more stuff like a bus or a car, or a skateboard.... Try to create a pattern...



By the way, I liked the fluid pattern I got with the yellow paint and the blak ink.

Day One:

As requested I walk around my place and pick things I found interesting to work with (below)


I close my eyes and pick the matches.

I set them on fire one at a time and work as much as I could with it. 

I also light a candle to help me out and it worked as a second material. 




This pratice ended up being really interesting, I've never worked with fire before and love it (remember to be safe!)



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