Sketchbook Magic class

Sketchbook Magic class - student project

Sketchbook Magic class - image 1 - student project

This one was really fun! The prompt was "imaginary creature" and I had 6 minutes. I used a water-soluble crayon (a favourite medium) to bring to life a creature I think about a lot, one of the shy and gentle monsters who live in the shadows and can't exist in light. He is soft and furry and very timid. You often find creatures of this sort lurking around spots of light, enjoying the proximity of warmth like a cat next to a radiator. 



Sketchbook Magic class - image 2 - student project

oh dear, what a horrible disgusting mess! This is supposed to be Corfu ("A place you want to travel to") and was done in 5 minutes. Well, I've certainly learned a lot from it, so that's a positive! I almost didn't share, but I'm pretty sure a) the next lesson is about it not being a big deal if things don't look good and b) probably no one will read this. (If you are, hello!)


Sketchbook Magic class - image 3 - student project

Today I chose "furniture" as my prompt and rolled the die for 2 minutes. I chose this comfy chair in our lounge that Micah was really excited to have found on the side of the road when he was getting our house ready before I moved here. After 2 minutes I only had an incomplete outline, so I rolled the die once more and got 5 more minutes. I really struggled with how to represent the texture of the upholstery, and even the shading on the wooden arms seemed off, but I started to get it towards the end. It was really fun to use a die, and I'm enjoying the magic prompts as well! This makes it feel like a game, and takes away any decision fatigue. I'm really enjoying this method as a slowly step back into the world of drawing.



Sketchbook Magic class - image 4 - student project

I chose "Favourite objects," so here's a little painted metal vase that I love! It's wonky and uneven but it looks so cute on my shelf. I love it so much I brought it from America to England when I moved. 




Sketchbook Magic class - image 5 - student projectDecided to play with my new watercolor brush pens. My sketchbook is really large, so I divided the page into 4 sections to make it less overwhelming. 

A little about me- I studied art in university, but took 12 years off from creating regularly when my mom got ill and I became one of her primary caregivers. Now I'm married and have moved to a new country (England!) and have WAY more free time... so my goal is to slowly build up my art practice again, and gain some momentum, confidence, and clarity about how to pursue my creative dreams.