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Sketchbook Magic - Let's play!


I'm Susanne and this is my first Skillshare class and project! And I love it.

Thank you Ria for making it. So far it was the perfect class for me to get started again.

Years ago (18 years) I did artschool but because of a very strong fear of failing I ... failed :-) HaHa. I can laugh about that now, but back then it was all but funny. I still cramp up sometimes and I really want to keep on enjoying what I do. And that's why I love this course!! It really gets me in a playing mode. It's fun and inspiring.

I struggle with backgrounds and colour. So in the next few weeks I will be experimenting with that.

Good luck to everyone!

Day 1:


I got so happy from the video and in touch with my inner child that I wanted to fingerpaint! After a short while I didn't know how to proceed so I started to draw what I saw in the yellow figure and made a few sketches based on that. Perhaps I will finish one later. Maybe not ;-)

Day 2:


I took 'words that inspire me' from the magic bowl and chose: clarity / helderheid (in dutch).

This approach was great!! The word really díd inspire me :-) and the first thing that came to mind was the surrouding. I realized that today. And since I struggle with backgrounds maybe that's a good startpoint for the next drawings.

Day 3:


One minute with a pen and 'Elephant': One minute is too short!! So I took two dice and threw ten. Magic Bowl: 'Wild animals'. I wanted to use colour but not too much. After the exercise I experimented both with a background/space and more colour.


I like the rabbit's head and I like the right part of the background but not per se together. All in all it's not my thing, but I did get an idea of how to go about it the next time.

Hm. Come to think of it; what you say somewhere in the beginning is so true: you just make things and find out what your style is, not because you chose it but because that is what you dó and what you like to do. I really want to explore this in the comming months.

Day 4:


 I drew this in my bedroom and I actually got sleepy!! The theme was: feelings. I chose courageous. And again I had ten minutes and a pen. I really didn't like the bear and the kid. I thought of the courage needed when feeling vulnerable and then I made more drawings I didn't like :-) Decided to not draw in my bedroom again :-)

Today I picked 7 extra days. So at least 8 drawings/painting will follow... and then I'll start your next class Ria! :-)  Looking forward to it! :-)  Thanx for this one!!


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