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Ria Sharon

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Sketchbook Magic II: Inviting the Muse

Hi, everyone. I've been teaching on Skillshare since September 2015 and Sketchbook Magic II is my second class here. Look forward to connecting with you.

Current students: 1,028 students
Reviews: 55 
Marketing Tactics: sharing on social media
Engagement: I have a workshop starting tomorrow! :D

I made a point to follow Skillshare's suggested steps on promoting my class to get my first 25 students -- I have a modest following across Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/newsletter so prior to launch, I reached out asking who would like free passes. I also reached out to my previous students about two weeks out to let them know I would be launching a new class. I also did a 10 day countdown for my first class so I did the same for this one -- posting across the networks that the class was coming.

I happen to really like staying engaged with my students. I encourage them to post their projects, not just in the classroom but also on Instagram. Since I'm on there more, I can like or comment pretty quickly on their posts. I feature student projects on a weekly basis on IG and probably once a month on my blog.

I love the new Skillshare functionality that let's you know what's going on in your classes. If there are new projects posted, I definitely hop on and comment on them.

Hope this all helps! I'm hosting an AMA on Feb. 9 on preparing to publish your class so if anyone has specific questions, feel free to add them to that discussion and/or join the AMA.

Good luck, everyone!


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