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Ria Sharon

Practice Makes Better.



Sketchbook Magic II: Inviting the Muse


Are you looking for inspiration? This class is for you if you want to cultivate your art as a means of self-expression, to hone your craft as part of your professional practice or if you simply want to connect with your right brain! Artist and illustrator, Ria Sharon shares five simple sketchbook practices that keep you engaged with your art and creativity.

In this follow up class to Sketchbook Magic, learn simple and enjoyable activities that will fill your creative well. Also, join thousands of other students in the Sketchbook Magic community that have found encouragement and support for their art through Ria’s magical approach.

Artist and illustrator, Ria Sharon has been involved in visual communication for almost 20 years. She served as President of The American Institute of Graphic Arts, St. Louis Chapter and on the National Board of AIGA.

Ria has published online learning experiences since 2010, including the pilots of Brené Brown’s Gifts of Imperfection, Ordinary Courage, and Wholehearted Living eCourses, Renée Trudeau’s The Mother’s Guide to Self Renewal, and Hopeful World’s Your Emotional Wisdom and The Story of You.

Ria will do regular roundups of student work on Instagram and on her blog, If you want your class project to be featured, follow @riasharon on instagram and tag #sketchbookmagic and @riasharon in your images.


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