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Sketchbook Magic II - Inviting the Muse & Embrace Your Art Challenge (Feb)


Im Rachel, I did the first sketchbook Magic course and loved it

I personally wouldn't call myself an artist as in I draw or paint - I am a photographer who is completely bored with what she does, I think once you are doing something for a living the fun can disappear because you're too busy making a living, and that's why I decided that this course  was just what I needed.

I've picked watercolor pencils for this project, mainly because I've never used them before and two I was brought a set for Christmas


Day One

My Magic Word - Arrow

Medium - Watercolor Pencils & an ink pen


Day Two

Medium - Watercolor Pencils

My go to thing to draw is trees, I'm not even sure why, maybe cause I love being outside so much.

The part in today's video/lesson that spoke to me loud and clear is FEAR .... I am fearful of my art, I'm also very critical which isn't always healthy, and I know I am my own worst enemy and stop myself from doing so much when it comes to drawing/designing … it is also something I am determined to overcome this yr …. :)


Day Three

Artist Date : Local Library

I didn't take many photos while I was there...mainly because their heating system was broken and it was warmer outside (lol) so I snapped a few pictures grabbed some watercolor painting books and came home and sketched from one of my photos.... ( not the best quality photo the sketch looks better in rl)


I do have to say artist dates are such a good idea, I would never have thought of it before doing this class, it was time for myself, and time to think.... something I will do a again for sure ...maybe once a week 

Day Four

My magic word was "Experiment with a new medium” I believe that's in Spring..but could be wrong as I printed them all up and added them all to one big bowl.. I know I didn't follow the rules very well.. but that's not anything new to be quite honest

Anyway new medium … I raided my teenage son's art kit and found charcoal pencils …. I have no idea what I am doing with them… but I did have fun… I sat in my kitchen and  drew my favorite thing “trees” from my front yard yard ….


Day Five: Well I've been drawing every day mainly because I joined a class called "Thinking Like A Designer" over the last week I have drawn 100 flowers in as many different ways as I can think of and with different mediums, it has been challenging… BUT the thing that stood out to me most was

I have now since doing sketchbook magic I & II have adopted a daily ritual of creating art, which now is just second nature to me.. it fits into my routine like drinking my first cup of coffee in the morning

Also by posting my project in the other class another student step forward  and basically gave me the shove I needed… she said my drawings would look great on surface pattern …. that was what the lacking in confidence me needed to hear … so now Im enrolled in a course but Im also learning Illustrator.. something I have wanted to do for a while now  


So Id say my muse has been invited and she will be staying a while… which is great news for me because she had been gone for a while … Thank you Ria … I can't wait to see what your next class is

Just a few photos from my 100 flowers project 

some watercolor flowers..and a small doddle adding other elements to flowers 



Embrace Your Art Challenge

For the month of Feb's Challenge I have picked Ink & Abstract 

Mainly because Ive not really done either 

Day One - Root 

I picked a quote as I relate best to words 

"When the root is deep there is not reason to fear the wind"



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