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Sketchbook Magic: Fly fly fly


 "Marks" I was excited to do this assignment cause I had all kinds of beads and metal pendants with interesting patterns on them. It turned out that none of them were actually flat enough to make a good impression. This assignment did get me to start playing with marks. And has given me more ideas!


I am currently obsessed with hummingbirds - seeing them, taking their pictures, learning to draw them, painting them, adding hummingbirds to my beaded jewelry . . .  Hummingbirds symbolize JOY!  These little beauties make me happy whenever I see them.

Since I don't know how to draw them YET, I started off with a stamp base for this project and focused on painting it, learning what I can do with my watercolor pencils, my brushes and Gel pens. It was great fun! 


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