Sketchbook Magic - Feeding my daily art appetite

This journal will chronicle the reawakening of a 60 year old granny who's creative spirit has refused to be squashed by her denial of a relationship with the artist who dwells deep inside of her body.  Catering to everyone except herself, she has busily ignored the spirit clamoring to escape and be heard.  Today is the first day of letting that gorgeous spirit see the light and admire the view.  I have tried before - I will try again and will succeed this time.  There is no try, there is only do or do not - paraphrasing Yoda - this geeky nerd is coming out.  Time to get the party rolling.

Day 1 

#sketchbook magic


So for this offering, I used a micron pen, guoache paint, compass, and that nifty wide short wash brush I got from Art Snacks. Fun!



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