Sketchbook Magic - Day 1

My name is Luciana, from Brazil. Although I'm a video maker and animator I find it really hard to make time for my own projects. Whenever I finish working at the end of the day I feel like the last thing I want to do is, well... drawing. But I noticed that this kind of bad habit's been getting my imagination and skills a little rusty and lazy. I've been meaning to start a sketchbook for a while but I lacked the enthusiasm. This class has given me some encouragement to challenge myself. After the first lesson I already feel that this is the kind of incentive I was looking for. 

For the Day 1 assignment I closed my eyes and randomly picked a Crayola Super Tip Water-based marker. I also decided to add a few little twists to the challenge myself (I never do things the easy way, haha!):

1) I must also incorporate the selected material's color somehow. It so happened that the marker picked was this bright lemony yellow one.

2) Anything should be done by memory, without any use of reference whatsoever.

3) The sketch must be finished under 5 minutes. It is supposed to be a sketch after all!

I decided to add these little extra rules to educate my brain on some bad tendencies I'm aware off (for example, like never finishing a piece because "there is always room for perfection")

I'm very excited about this course!



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