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Sketchbook Magic 2016

Hello everyone!

My name is Maria and I'm 21 :)!

I attended drawing and painting classes over 3 years ago. We did only big 100x70cm pieces. Sometimes I liked it sometimes I hated it and after a year I stopped and moved out from my father's house. Then I focused on working and I drew rarely and only on my tablet. After this summer 2015 I slowly started to go back to art I'm doing Matt Khor's ctl+Paint and a few months back I singed in here on skillshare. With Ria's first class I wanted to explore my traditional media. And I did(still in the pocess actually;)). 

Now I want to go a step further. Over the christmas I was at my father's house and found my old box with paints and brushes and brought it all back to my flat. It's going to be my medium! I will paint only small pictures 28x35cm maximum(there is no space in my flat for bigger sizes) but will try to explore and learn about painting as much as possible.

I have lots of kinds of blue paint so I just messed around with it and had fun with brush strokes. Experimented with dry and wet paint and brush. I had to be careful with water though because I have only 90g paper on me at the moment(shopping is coming :D)

Here are results:
+ I also did "book titles" form magic bowl(Sketchbook Magic I) with those paints so I'm posting it below. Book title is Hemingway's "Old Man and the Sea"(to see initial sketches and ideas for this you can go and look at my project at Sketchbook Magic I).

Thank you!



Oh! Sorry for the delay. i'm in the middle of university exam session :<.

I did color charts of my blue paints and had to use leftovers from mixing somehow. I painted some monsters on A6 paper. 



Today I did a little rooster with acrylic paints, mostly 1inch brush on A4 250g/m^2 paper. Had a lot of fun with it :) Hope you like it!



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