Sketchbook Magic 1

Sketchbook Magic 1 - student project

Back when I graduated high school I was given a moleskine sketchbook that family and friends had written in I was always too scared to draw in it and somehow ‘mess it up’ so it’s just been collecting dust for the last 8 years. So I decided to take this course to try and finally fill it up.


Day 1 "But I don't have the right art supplies"

Sketchbook Magic 1 - image 1 - student project

Materials Used: Candlestick, Bubblewrap, Ink-pad, Washi Tape, Sponge

It was interesting doing this assignment as things I thought would make a clear print didn't show up at all! I found there was a lot I could do by dragging my tools to create things I wouldn't have thought of.


Day 2 "But I don't know what to draw"Sketchbook Magic 1 - image 2 - student project

Materials Used: Pentel Markers

Day 2 was the first inclusion of prompts and I pulled complex I tried to go for something that felt like an old floral wallpaper or stationary. Though I'm not sure that shows in the final project I'm happy with how it ended up.

Day 3 "But I don't have time"

Sketchbook Magic 1 - image 3 - student project

Materials Used: Woodless Graphite Pencil

Argh! This was a tough one! I pulled fire as my prompt and 1 minute as my time limit. I went to school for animation so I'm not unused to doing minute figure drawings but not having an idea going into it definitely makes that minute feel a lot shorter.


Day 4 "But I don't have space"

Sketchbook Magic 1 - image 4 - student project

Materials Used: Art-i-san Paint Pens

I'll be honest I really just couldn't get the fortune teller to work so I cheated a bit and turned it into a spinner. I got the patio window and my prompt was large. It wasn't the most comfortable place to draw but this was probably my favorite thing I made over the course so I think it was worth it.


Day 5 "But what if it isn't any good"

Sketchbook Magic 1 - image 5 - student projectMaterials Used: Gouache and Faber Castel Metallic Pens

This challenge hit close to home, as it's the reason this sketchbook was left untouched for 8 years. I don't typically have a problem drawing digitally but as soon as it goes on a physical piece of paper I start working that I'll ruin everything or it'll be a waste. Appropriately, I suppose, I'm not quite sure I liked how my final day but still I'm glad I made it so that future better pages come down the road.



Since my main goal in taking this class was to finally fill up my old sketchbook rather than the popsicle stick method I've decided to create a new piece every day until it is filled, cover to cover. I'll be attempting to post daily to instagram until I've finished to feel free to check out @maxiewest if you'd like to see my current progress.


I really enjoyed taking this class and it helped me get out of my traditional art rut can't wait to see what sketchbook magic 2&3 have to offer c:

Maxine Westfall