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Sketchbook Magic! Just do it

Hello! I'm Natalie and now in my last year of University, writing my Bachelor Thesis for my Software Development Studies. I always loved to draw but self doubt and stress can really stop you doing things you love. I found this class over a year ago and I was really tempted to enroll, but then I didn't. 

What is a better time to enroll in art-classes than your thesis-writing time? Haha, I procrastinate a lot but I also thing that I should do art again to feel more balanced and at peace with myself. So I hope I can draw daily again, like I used to years ago. 

I'm addicted to buying sketchbooks, so far I've got 38 empty ones waiting for me and 13 "active" books. 

Loved the videos so far! They are so warm and positive :) 


Day 1 - Art Supplies & Random Stuff from the house

I really loved the idea of searching stuff in your home to make art with. I chose to collect different paper to draw on. At first I just wanted to make some collage stuff? But after I did a big blue line on the ground of the page with my brush and those acrylics I rarely ever use, I wanted more and the bird happened :) 

This is a beautiful sketchbook I started 2013, but sadly never draw in these days, the paper in there is colorful so I'm often intimidated to do something with it. My personal challenge will be to continue drawing in this book for the next tasks!  


Day 2 - Go Outside

I've been at a medieval fair yesterday and brought a tiny sketchbook with me :) I drew some people I saw, sadly it started to rain and I couldn't draw that much :(


Day 3 - No Time (6 minutes - my favorite things) 

This is something I struggle with on a regular basis... When I work a lot or have to do much for university it's hard to find those free minutes for drawing, or even the motivation to grab a sketchbook. I take my book with me all the time, but there are still some days where it's incredibly hard to do something! I loved this exercise it reminds me how it is possible to do something small in 6 minutes. 

Day 4 - No Space 


I've been out with a few friends and we went to a cafe where we all drew something :) I like it to draw somewhere else then home and it's especially nice with other artists around you


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