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Sketchbook II: the art strikes back


First, hi, I'm Gabriel Medeiros For more intro read the first paragraph after "About Scketchbook Magic II". Well, I consider myself someone with many limitations. It was hard choose one for these challenge, there are a lot and I really have so resistence to embrace it. But after some a few tears and gnashing of teeth (unnecessarily melodramatic) I choose Digital Art as my limitation.

'Oh, but that isen't so hard", you may think. Well, for my it's extremely hard. I bought me a tablet for Christmas and so far I must have used only three times, because I just can not draw a mere line through it. It is so frustrating, don't have control over an instrument. Ok, I know that control comes with practice and experience, so I decided force myself to drawing with it, even if the result makes me upset.

Fev 07 - ?


Two day that I miss these challenge. Digital Drawing needs a computer and a tablet and it are quite difficult to carry with me. But I'm back.

I still don't like drawing on tablet (I find it so unatural). So I think develop it with a classic exercise - gesture drawing. 

Fev 04 - Light


A lightsabre, It was my first time using colors on the Manga Studio (the drawing program that I am using). It quite complex. I have to use more than one layer. Truth be told I am completely lost. I have to search for a tutorial on YouTube or this challenge will be much more difficult than I expected.

Fev 03 - Music


A music that touched me is "The Phantom of Opera" soundtrack. I love all the musics on it and I listen all of them when I was doing these sketch (yes, it took a lot of time). But I like it.

Fev 02 - Place


I love this movie (The Wizard of OZ). But ... really? I would not change Oz for Kansas, 

Fev 01 - Root


OK, just a simple sketch, with took me an hour to get ready. Which anger!!! If I used a pencil I will spend one tenth of the time and do something twice as good. (sorry, and I'm very complainer today). At last I I could draw something - better luck next time.


Hi, everyone. I'm Gabriel Medeiros, a really amateur artist. I gave my first step on doing art in Sketchbook Magic I, which was amazing. Doing these class and project I really push myself to practice - I did art, I saw amazing art and I met great artist. Also, thanks to luck and the generosity of Ria Sharon, I was (cursed) blessed with one Premium Year of Skillshare, so I don't have much choice but to get the most out of this site and this experience (thank you for it).

Made presentation lets go to business.

Practice 01 - Warm Ups


On this practice I decided to experiment with pastel pencil PITT and crayons on the first drawing and with watercolor pencil on the second. It was my first time using pencil PITT (it's super soft and it have a effect like grafite).

About the watercolors I was doing drawings with it since january 1st, one per day. And it was always a chibi (some cute and big-headed character drawing). I discovered that I love drawing them, It's so fun.

A note - sometimes I fell that using watercolors pencils insted of watercolors is a kind of cheating. Like, I was cheating myself to not use a brush or learning how to paint. 

Practice 02 - Connect with Your Joy


So ... I spent some time this last days seeing "Steven Universe", a tv cartoon and I need to say I love tv cartoon and I love this show. It's so fun and their art are great. Said it, I spend some hours on this Saturday doing a drawing of "Garnet", some of the characters of this show.

I used pastel pencils to do it. It's my second time using it and I had no idea what I was doing (I still don't). But was fun. I like do fanart and I should do it more. 

Practice 03 Artist's Date Sketches


Well ... My definition of date is to go out to eat. So I did it and these are some of hte sketchs I did when I was eaing. The first page was my favorite when I was eating on a pub specialized in fried chicken. And was doing some exercices that I learned on the class The art of Doodling. The second page is a scketch that I did on the vegan restaurant. I tried to draw their bench.

These are two similar but different experiences. I don' like do life drawing, but I like drawing to my mind. And I not sure if it's good. As far as I know the best way to learn draw is draw for reality. Maybe I should chance by habits.


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