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Sketchbook Daily Journal

January 8, 2018

Two years later. I am still sketching and still working toward the goal of sketching everyday. My studio needed a revamp after two years. Things got messy. Using a KonMari consultant I am reorganizing the entire house, but the studio was the impetus. Organization is key to having the time to be creative.


I went to Chicago in July 2017 for the International Urban Sketchers (USk) Symposium, which was full of amazing, supportive, creative people, workshops and lectures. Met some of the  goddesses and gods of USk, whom I've been following online. Everyone was so friendly and supportive. I made new friends and learned so much. I can't wait for this year's symposium in Porto, Portugal!

I will try, once again, to reinvigorate this site, by posting every sketch-- good bad or indifferent. 


Day ??

I have been doing a lot of sketching, but I haven't been good at keeping up with this posting. I am going to try to reinvigorate this site. Stay tuned as I put up past sketches and future sketches. 

Day 7

Here is a sketch of the leaves (and a feather) on my table in the new studio space. I used colored pencil to get all the colors in the leaves. I haven' been good about a sketch a day, so I am thinking of taking my sketchbook to work and sketching during my lunch hour.


Day 8 

OK, so this isn't technically sketching, but it feels creative because it's painting. So here is the first wall of my new studio space painted in new colors. Now I can hang the pegboard, which will hold all my woodcarving tools.


Day 2

I took this photograph while biking to work on the Schuylkill RIver Trail in PHL. The high tide and no wind made for rare perfect reflections.


I also did a quick sketch of a buffalo skull. A relic from my son's former bedroom reincarnated as my studio.


Day 1

A watercolor of a leaf.



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