Sketchbook Challenge

Sketchbook Challenge - student project

Day 9


Sketchbook Challenge - image 1 - student project
Day 8

some comics

Sketchbook Challenge - image 2 - student projectSketchbook Challenge - image 3 - student project
Day 7


Sketchbook Challenge - image 4 - student project
Day 6Sketchbook Challenge - image 5 - student projectThanks to Mike for the prompt list! This one is “ducks with haircuts”

Day 5

sometimes the theme song to the TV show The Facts of Life pops into my head and stays there all day

Sketchbook Challenge - image 6 - student project
Day 4

while doing midday chores I looked over at my son in school, my cat who was sitting on the counter and the whole situation in the kitchen and just really wanted to draw it.

Sketchbook Challenge - image 7 - student project
Day 3

Sketchbook Challenge - image 8 - student project
Day 2!

Sketchbook Challenge - image 9 - student project

"First Page" Lately I've been in to a little bit of every kind of art I know how to do and some I don't for example I just did a class about VR drawing! This page shows some of the things that occupy my mind and my day. But isn't big enough to fit it all in which is weird because it seems like I just eat, stare at the hummingbird feeder and watch TV most of the time...hmmmm

Sketchbook Challenge - image 10 - student project