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SketchBook Magic

Day One

I gathered up some objects and then closed my eyes and picked out a feather.... also did the same with the paints because I just couldnt make up my mind... 


Day Two 

In front of me was an unbrella and I picked out a paint brush, which made me very happy...its the little things in life :D 


Day Three

I had 6 minutes to write words that inspired me ... I picked out a pencil ( this made me happy) 

So doing something so fast was hard, and I really had to make myself stop when the 6 minutes was up. 

Lettering/writting free style is something Im starting to do more of so this was good pratice for me 


Day Four

I didnt roll a dice, I picked a paint brush and my magic word was houses ... and on the fortune thingy I got living room, I work a lot in my living room on my laptop come an evening so I was comfortable with this, I love working with others around me the TV on and the chaos of family life ... so for me its not where i work... I pretty much work where ever is needed 



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