Sketch with markers

Sketch with markers - student project

Hi Anna,

Thank you for filming this class. Always wonder how people can sketch with markers so beautifully. Now I know the technique. Seeing you sketch with every stroke so confidently, I gonna give it a try too. I have some basic marker colour, so the colour choices is so so limited. Still gonna give it a try to follow a long the class. Just wanted to test the feel of sketching with markers. Definitely like it :)


Here is my sketch book picture. The blue and purple I got it from giveaway. I usually use loose sheet of watercolour paper for painting. 

 Sketch with markers - image 1 - student project 

To follow along with the marker sketching, I took out this long time sitting on shelf markers. Two boxes are from my sister sitting there unused. And Crayola markers I bought it for the purpose of lettering few years back. 

Sketch with markers - image 2 - student project 

This brown sketch book paper is quite thin. Can't hold that much of markers stroke. I am gonna use the blue one for my other markers sketching practice.

 Sketch with markers - image 3 - student project


So far I am done up to the 2nd style. And I am liking it :) Hahaha... I gonna take a break and come back to this tomorrow for few other practices before I come up with the final subject that inspires me. I am gonna try it with other media like coloured pencil and watercolour due to the limited colour choices I have here.  

Sketch with markers - image 4 - student project

Thank you for dropping by to read and see my artsy journey. See you tomorrow :)



Today I rewatched the tulip. A bit messy here as I used coloured pencils at the beginning for the grey base, then moved to use markers for the rest. I do not have white marker, so white highlight was done using DrPhMartin BPW.

Sketch with markers - image 5 - student project


So you can see I still can't get the dress fold right! hummmm... I love your portraits, and I tried to paint her dress. Haha... still funny .... 

Sketch with markers - image 6 - student project

Sketch with markers - image 7 - student project 


 Still had fun using colored pencils and markers despite the limited grey marker tone. 

Sketch with markers - image 8 - student project

Thought of painting my own proposal ring. But nvm lets follow along with the class first. I actually don know what I am doing for the diamond part. Haha lets stop before I ruin it. 

Sketch with markers - image 9 - student project

Yayyy happy ending... But now I notice my ground seems to be too dark perhaps?...ok off now, excited to paint animal tomorrow. 



After one month, I am finally back with painting. Here is my Fox. Decided to give him a blanket after realised I put in too dark colour. If you zoom in, you can see my white line with shaky hand. I played with coloured pencils, white gouache, a bit here and there of a slightly wet brush, and mainly markers.

Sketch with markers - image 10 - student project

Sketch with markers - image 11 - student project 

Sketch with markers - image 12 - student project

Sketch with markers - image 13 - student project



Here is my final project - Salomon Hiking shoes. Recently I have been thinking of hiking and I love these shoes very much. Months ago I was preparing for the hiking trip and when the government declared movement control order, I knew this trip not gonna happen. Not to feel sad, the airline has made a credit refund on flight cancellation and we can always plan for the coming years. It is still best to stay home now. 

Sketch with markers - image 14 - student project


Thank you Anna for this awesome class. Other than discovering markers as a new media, I started to like keeping a sketchbook now. Feel nice to flip the pages looking at the completed pieces. At last, thank you everyone for dropping by :) 



Phei Yin