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Day 31: What Captures Your Senses // 31 Mar 2016

I saw this painting called "Grouchy Seascape" at an artist loft/exhibition in Chinatown, Honolulu - and it captured many senses. The vibrant colors (I don't think I captured them well in this painting though) captured my eyes. But it also evoked my memories and feelings of when I'm surfing and all the senses that get enlivened when I'm in the water - the salty water on my lips (and in my eyes), the smell of fresh air and ocean breeze, the physical feeling of bobbing up and down in the water and the touch of being partly in water, partly in open air with the blazing sun on my skin, while listening to the crashing of the waves on shore.



Day 30: Contents of... // 30 Mar 2016

...a 7-11 prepared food shelf in Honolulu! I love how the 7-11s here mimic 7-11s in Japan in terms of already prepared/cooked food to go - providing bread, noodle dishes, onigiri (riceball), bread, rice dishes, etc. of Japanese, Hawaiian and Filipino dishes and more! I got super excited the day I took this photo and first sighted this display of deliciousness!



Day 29: Toiletries // 29 Mar 2016

Toiletries I have way too many toiletries, as you may have guessed from my reading of the Little Book of Skincare drawing, which promotes the Korean 10-step skincare routine. This is a drawing of the shelves behind my bathroom mirror – lots of moisturizers, serums, night creams, foaming and oil cleanser, nose strips, etc. and some toothpaste and other miscellaneous on the bottom.



Day 28: Transport // 28 Mar 2016

We've been driving around the Big Island in a rented Mazda Miata convertible – it’s great! Small and maybe somewhat uncomfortable for long rides, but you can really feel the engine and you’re low on the ground so it feels like you’re driving a go-cart almost. Perfect for driving into the sunset.



Day 27: Cafes or Stores // 27 Mar 2016

In Big Island close to the Volcano National Park sits Cafe Ono Café - a "vibrant, ecologically sound," dining experience in an old Hawaiian garden estate. They have hearty soups, fresh organic salads, savory sandwiches, high tea, gourmet desserts, and locally grown coffee and tea. We sat outside and I had this lovely view of the plants surrounding a small lake.



Day 26: Go somewhere new // 26 Mar 2016

We traveled around the island of Hawaii (also known as Big Island) over the weekend - it is so beautiful there and full of so many things to do. This drawing/painting is of the Hōlei Sea Arch at Volcano National Park. The sea is so strong and amazing! Seeing, in person live, the water crash against the cliffs was definitely one of life's amazing firsts.



Day 25: Old Things // 25 Mar 2016

I have been so behind on the daily sketches because of traveling and starting a new job.. and.. getting engaged! My boyfriend of 6 years proposed with this beautiful ring – it’s an alexandrite gem, quite rare, and changes colors depending on the light. In daylight, it’s greenish blue, and in incandescent light, it’s purple red (“emerald by day, ruby by night”). Sometimes, you can see a little bit of the other color mixed in. I love it! And I love him :) The gem is the “old thing” – I don’t know the age of this one but the Alexandrite was first discovered in 1834.



Day 24: Furniture // 24 Mar 2016

I just moved into my new apartment in Honolulu and I feel so lucky to have found such a great place. Before I purchased my futon, bed, table, dresser.. I had a surfboard as decor :) This board was lent to me from a friend I just met here last week! The aloha spirit is so amazing. 



Day 23: Everyday Activities of People // 23 Mar 2016

I saw a boy drinking his slurpee at a table nearby and I tried to quickly capture it. By the time I was done sketching, he had already finished his drink! 




Day 22: Texture // 22 Mar 2016

This rough grid texture was found on the menu cover of the Mai Tai restaurant at Ala Moana Shopping Center. OK I admit, I could've added a few more lines :)



Day 21: Desserts // 21 Mar 2016

I actually don't often eat desserts so this is an acaii bowl with fruit that .. could sort of work as dessert? :) It was refreshing and delicious!



Day 20: Patterns // 20 Mar 2016

I was having breakfast at a cafe and this pretty tile pattern caught my eye. I miscounted one of the black tiles I shaded in though, oops!



Day 19: Accessories // 19 Mar 2016

These earrings are especially dear to me. It's actually my boyfriend's old fake tooth, sawed in half lol. He was getting it replaced - and the gold backing make for a perfect accent. We got it custom fitted and I gave the jeweler a gold bracelet that my mother gave me which I never wear. Now it's a part of the earings! These are definitely irreplaceable! I drew the backing of one of the earrings way too large (the one in the center) but oh well, next time!



Day 18: Bag // 18 Mar 2016

I bought this vintage Longchamp leather bag for a steal in a consignment shop in San Francisco. I picked it out for a friend but after trying it on fell in love! It fits a good amount of stuff but is not bulky. While apartment hunting, I carried the following: hand sanitizer, checkbook, wallet, wet wipes, hand lotion, face sunblock, hand sunblock, pens, small notebook, chapstick, small tide stick, spare receipts, hair ties and probably more haha.




Day 17: Flowers // 17 Mar 2016

I'm staying at a friend's place for a few days and she has these lovely table flowers that sit in front of me every morning while I do some work in the kitchen. My favorite flowers are perhaps lillies or orchids.




Day 16: Animals // 16 Mar 2016

In between two apartment viewings I stopped by a Korean Supermarket which had a food court so I rested and had some delicious beef bone soup. Saw these little fishies at the food court and thought they were the perfect thing to sit next to and draw while I slurped up my soup!



Day 15: Stranger // 15 Mar 2016

I just made my big move to Honolulu, Hawaii so it's been hectic with moving and apartment hunting. Forgive me for not using more color :) This drawing was quickly done on the public bus when I was on my way to an apartment viewing. I'm not planning to get a car in Honolulu so I know I'll be spending lots of time on the bus!



Day 14: Sketching Materials // 14 Mar 2016

Seeing Elisa's painting with a ink/water brush made me really want to try it out as well! I think I need to work on my technique softening my colors and shadows. I use the Sakura Koi Water Color pan set and my blue desk at my parent's place.



Day 13: Family // 13 Mar 2016

I've been staying with my parents for the last few months during my transition period to my new job and home (moving in 2 days!), so this was the perfect opportunity to clandestinely draw them while they were eating haha. While they are sometimes too traditional in their ways, they are extremely loyal and always try to be there for me no matter what, and I feel very lucky.



Day 12: Things you collect // 12 Mar 2016

I like to collect postcards from around the world, so I have a membership in Postcrossing where you can send and receive postcards from strangers from around the world! The postcard I drew is of a vintage card (from early 1900s) I found at an antique shop, actually, of Tufts University, which is where I attended graduate school. Loved that the message written (after deciphering the cursive) was just a simple "On my way."




Day 11: Vegetables // 11 Mar 2016

This is some blackened, baked and fermented(?) garlic my father received from a neighbor. Probably delicious but I'm a wimp towards garlic.



Day 10: Applicance // 10 Mar 2016

I cannot go without a ricecooker. And after using fancy (and expensive) but amazing Asian high-tech rice cookers that cook rice perfectly just about everytime.. I can never go back to a cheap one.



Day 9: Clothes // 9 Mar 2016

This is my mother's dress from the early 80s that I fished out of our closet a few months ago. I find it pretty interesting looking and am still finding the right moment and place to rock it.



Day 8: Shoes // 8 Mar 2016 

These are pretty sturdy ankle-length leather boots that I bought for my trip to Europe last winter when I was so not winter prepared (I lived in the Philippines at the time) that I forgot to bring my winter coat and had to buy one when I landed! These shoes were great - but not for over 6 hours of walking.



Day 7: Drink // 7 Mar 2016

I HAVE to drink lots and lots of water everyday, so that's featured on the left. I happened to be sketching when I was at a Japanese restaurant so a cup of green tea is on the left.



Day 6: Book // 6 Mar 2016

I'm about to read @charlottejcho's "Little Book of Skincare," which my awesome former roommate collaborated on, and@austinkleon's "Steal Like an Artist" that I read last year which really inspired my calligraphy, drawing and writing endeavors. Would recommend both!




Day 5: Fruit // 5 Mar 2016

One of the perks of being in a Chinese home is the abundance of fruit that my parents stock up on. I never buy much fruit myself, seems to be an easy thing to forget to eat actually, so I full take advantage when I'm home. From left to write - orange, banana, asian pear.



Day 4: Building // 4 Mar 2016

I was staying over at one of my good friend's place in NYC near City Hall. This is the gorgeous view from the balcony outside her front door. Just a quick sketch because it was freezing out and my fingers were going numb!



Day 3: Lunch // 3 Mar 2016

This was my lunch/breakfast - a bagel with cream cheese and slice of tomato and a cup of brewed coffee at Baz Coffee in NYC. Hit the spot! 



Day 2: Tree // 2 Mar 2016

I was helping out my father in the backyard and I was struck by the beauty of our bare Asian Pear tree (it's winter here). The interlacing branches were so complex yet so organic. I took a mental photo and drew this later with the help of a googled photo for reference.



Day 1: Self-Portrait // 1 Mar 2016

This is me, looking at the mirror. My boyfriend likes my eyes as his favorite feature on my face, so I tried to make them stand out. My chin shading looks like stubble - haha good to know to not draw in the same way next time.


Below are sketches and paintings I created prior to the March Sketch a Day Challenge. Unfortunately my photos and descriptions got deleted somehow and Skillshare tech couldn't help me recover them, so I've reposted the photos but not the descriptions in mostly the order they were done. I think I first took Elisa's class back in early January, when I drew the coconut below. There's definitely been some progress, haha. Hope to keep learning and keep improving :)













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