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Sketch my life out


Hi, everyone. I'm Gabriel Medeiros. I'm a beginner on the world of drawing (I draw only a few months) and for me it's a pleasure and a challenge being part of these class. Thank you Elisa for providing this class.

Day 17 - Flowers


Some flower that I saw today.

Day 15 - Stranger


A sketched these guy just because I like his nose. A big and flat nose.

Day 11 - Appliance


Is a refrigerator an  appliance?

Day 10 - Vegetables


Day 09 - Clothes


It is a draw of my work coworker's skirt. I loved that skirt with lovely yellow flower that look like painted with watercolors.

Also, my house is being painted at the moment and everything had to be stored, including my computer. Because of these I can only the see topics on my cellfone but I can't post my project. 

Day 08 - Shoes


This is the shoes that I was using today. It's a nice sneakers, a hibrid thing - looks like a shoe but is a sneakers. I like it. And it really needs to be cleaned and greased.

Day 07 - Drink


Coffee. I love Coffee. All kind of coffee drink. This is the sketch of a Cappuccino that I drank today.

As I had no water I used coffee to dilute the watercolor. I thought it was a great color. And it was so much fun.

Day 06 - Book, 


A not so sloppy drawing. These are the books I'm reading at the moment. I usually read several books at the same time but I only finish few of them. I have a modest library of unfinished books. Some of them are really good book that I stopped reading and I fear re-read it. 

Day 05 - Fruit


Just a watermelon. I like this sketch,. Nothing more to say here.

Day 04 - Building


This is my sketch of the building façade in front of where I was having dinner. It's a nice building which a colonial desing - with columns and wooden windows. 

Day 03 - Lunch


Yes, one more sketch finished. I never draw my lunch before. It was interesting. I will try drawing more food on the future.

Oh, the watercolor coloring was better than I expect. It's good, because my plate don't lot as a plate at all.

Day 02 - Tree


Lovely trees ... so beautiful, so hard to draw. Today was a good challenge. It's my first time drawing a tree (yes, I'm a bit late). I's hard, trees are so trimidimentional and each tree have their own shape. 


Also, it was my second time coloring something with watercolor. I like it. Before that I only used watercolor pencils.

Day 01 - Self Portrait


Oh, such unpleasant challenge . I really like drawing people, but not myself. Also, when I draw I usually did it much more cartoony (like the drawing on the bottom). Draw with pen is hard because I can't sketch before, so the proportions was wrong on these drawing. Also, It's something uncomfortable paying attencion to our on face, like as we should did on a sketch.

At least it was interesting. I realized that I have a very small nose and upturned and short eyes. It contrast with my mouth, with is big and fleshy. These trails are usually related to women. On the other side, my thick eyebrows and protruding checkbones are masculine trails. A nice face, much more pleasent than this drawing makes it look.


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