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Sketch my life March


29/31 Toiletries. My Lush products. I loveee my Karma Kream, it smells of patchouli and keeps my skin soft. It's relaxing, and more importantly cruelty free!


28/31 Transportation. This is my car. I have come to realize I am not very good at sletching cars but, I'll add it to my list of things to improve upon. It's been a crazy two weeks. A lot of my trouble has stemmed from this car. I won't get into all the details but I"ve been so emotionally, and physically drained from what had happened that I just stopped. I stopped sketching, painting, I stopped cleaning and just sat. I watched too much TV, tried to ignore my problem, and hoped the whole situation would just go away... it didn't. But, I'm finally feeling somewhat back to normal. I spent the evening getting caught up on this challenge, and brainstorming what I'm going to do next month to challenge myself.


27/31 Cafe. The Bean and Leaf cafe in Rochester is one of my favorite places to visit. Their drinks are delicious, they have a wonderful selection of tea, and there is local art hung on the walls to be purchased. They always inspire me.


26/31 Go Somewhere New. I wasn't able to physically go somewherw new, so I decided to draw somewhere new. I sat on my front porch, it's still a little chilly but slippers and a thick hooded sweatshirt made it more bearable. The sun was setting and all of the bare tree brances created the most beautiful silouhetter against the blue-yellow sky.


25/31 Old Things. This was my great-grandmothers tea pot. I was given this as a gift from my grandmother. I never use it, I like to keep it on display in my cabinet. It's shiny, and has multiple shades of brown in it depending on how the light hits it. It's simple. But, I like having a piece of my great-grandmother with me.


24/31 Furniture. One of my favorite spots in the house. The couch in my living room.


23/31 Activities of Everyday People.  My Fiancee Mark trying to catch up on work. But, being distracted by the TV.


22/31 Texture



21/31 Desserts. I actually received these macaron's from a local bakery at a bridal show. I didn't care for the taste of them but I do think they are so fun and unique.



20/31 Patterns. I have seen a lot of really cool patterns from some very talented indivduals on SKillshare and am anticipating taking some classes regarding patterns after this workshop ends! I found this pattern online and decided to emulate it.


19/31 Accessories. My glasses are definitely a staple in my daily life... more so for the fact that I can't see not the fashion aspect of them. Though, I do like how they look!



18/31 Bag. This is a Christmas gift I received from my future sister in law. I haven't painted it yet  (I will this evening) It is faux-leather with a teal bottom and white top and strap. I love the gold accents and how large it is. I can fit EVERYTHING I need in here. Including my sketchbook and materials. I struggled with the highlights and shadows on the bag because of the texture... not sure what to do differently next time. I havent really sketched to many things with fabric. There is a subtle crackle texture to make the fake leather look leather-y, I wanted to include that but it just looked odd to me. Maybe I can work that in when I add color later. 


17/31 I know the prompt for today was flowers. But, a dear friend of mine gave me this shamrock plant this morning after yoga class. It made my whole day! She is such a sweet, thoughtful, and kind person and I am so grateful to have her in my life. In honor of St. Patrick's Day, and my wonderful friend I decided to sketch my new shamrock plant.


16/31 Animals. I love animals. But, my favorite animal to sketch lately is my little poof ball Pomeranian named Beau. He has such a personality, and always makes goofy faces and sits in very weird positions so I captured this view. I really want to experiment with a few more. (I'll post when completed) :)


15/31 Stranger. I had a little trouble with this prompt. But, after some helpful advice from Elisa I was able to sketch my neighborhood starbucks barista. I still felt a little awkward and didn't want her to think I was being wierd and staring at her. haha. But, It was fun trying to catch a moment in between the fast pace of her doing her job. You have to move quickly and Elisa's advice of staring at the subject more than the paper really helped to remember more of the detail later after she has moved.


14/31 Sketching Materials. My desk is a mess, it's the only area in the house that I don't constantly clean up. I leave all of my supplies out so that I don't have an excuse not to create. It's all ready to go! My markers, brushes, paint, and even my water cup!


13/31 Family. This is a photo of my fiancee and I from my birthday this past year. I really wanted to go apple picking. We leaded up my car, my mom and sisters came too, and my bestfriend and her boyfriend met us there as well. We laughed, and laughed and Mark decided to put me on his shoulders so I could get the really good apples at the top of the tree.



12/31 An item I collect. Well this has become an unintentional collection but I love fun cups. Usually the kind like this with the straw... I wont tell you how many I've accumulated haha I have a rule now that anytime a new one comes into the house I donate an old one. This one I got at a store around Halloween this past October. It has a Ouiji board on it, spooky! haha I was really drawn to the artwork on it. The letter shapes. I'll be adding in the color for these soon! :) I've been under the weather for the past few days but I'm determined to get caught up!



11/31 Vegetable. So, we haven't gone grocery shopping yet this weekend so the selection of vegetables in the fridge was very limited. haha. I found a head of lettuce that really needs to be eaten today or it will end up in the trash..



10/31 Appliance. Well, this is more of an electronic I guess but while I was on hold with my bank I decided to get sketching. This week/ weekend has been hectic so I'm finding time where I can to get these done. I decided to sketch out my record player. I found this at a thirft store 5 years ago and only paid $25 for it. Definitely a steal. It works perfectly! Our record collection is slowly growing and we enjoy putting a record on and dancing around in the afternoon. :)


9/31 Clothes. For this prompt I decided to pull out one of my favorite summer dresses from the closet and sketch it. I've had this dress for 8 years. It has a hole somewhat hidden in the side. I always feel super pretty in this dress. It reminds me of summer, good times, and great memories. Weird that one piece of clothing can do that. It's a little faded, I definitely was too impateint and didn't capture the exact pattern, but here it is. :)


8/31 Shoes. Here in Michigan the weather isn't sure if it wants to be winter a little longer or if spring is here. So, I've left my winter boots out just in case. These were a gift from my mom a few years ago, and I love them. I had kept complaining about not having any winter boots, and winters here can be pretty tough. These are the warmest shoes I've ever worn. I really am seeing the trend that I need to work on perspective... I need to find a class or tutorial on that. It's something I'd really like to improve on.


7/31 Drink. Here in Michigan today it was 50 degrees out! I can't even tell you how many people I saw outside enjoying the beautiful weather. Knowing our indecisive state I'm sure we will get snow in a few days haha. But, since today was sunny and somewhat warm I decided to treat my fiancee and I to some ice cold slurpee's! Sketching this out was a lot of fun because of the neat design on the slurpee cups. The clear plastic lid was a bit tricky and I wanted to capture some of the Coke splatters on the top (since I devoured this before I could finish sketching) haha.


6/31 Book. I am an avid motivational/self help book junkie. This happens to be one of my favorites to read. Jen's writing is witty, fun, and a fresh approach to the same old self help genre. I've read this book twice and have started it for the third time, and each time I read it I find something I hadn't really noticed before. As for my sketch... I really need to work on my perspective skills all the way around. haha


5/31 Fruit. I had a lot of fun with this one! This was the first time I was able to use a real life subject, which I plan on doing for the rest of this challenge. I'm so used to using photos for reference. This was different and a little more challenging but I enjoyed being able to visually see all the little details I wouldn't have been able to see in a photo.



4/31 Building. I decided to sketch a concert venue in Detroit that is very special to me. I wasn't able to drive down and sit in front of it today but I found some great refrences online. I will admit I am awful at structures and building... I think I try to capture too much detail and that I should've done a little less... and really paid more attention to the line work on the side of the building. I'm still learning with drawing and sketching in perspective. But, I decided to go with it anyway and add in some color when I was done with my line work.



3/31 Lunch or Dinner. Yesterday's dinner was a delicious sante fe veggie black bean burger. It was DELICIOUS. I had a hard time waiting to eat it so I sketched out the line work, devoured my dinner and afterward added in the detail. haha. This was my first attempt at sketching with just a pen, no pencil first! and it was liberating! I felt a lot more confident in my line work after this class showed me how to look at the subject and ask questions before getting started. :) I'm going to add in the paint tonight and post that as well. I finished watching all the videos in the class and am really anxious to try out some of techniques taught in this class!


2/31 Tree. I decided to try painting this without drawing anything first. This was a bit of a challenge because I love to pre-sketch before I take the dive and paint. I love autumn. It's probably my favorite season...and not just because my birthday is then. haha. I really took my time adding different textures and playing around with different colors too.



1/31 Self Portrait. I was still very reluctant to just sketch in pen. I'm definitely a pencil first gal. But, I like the thinking behind using just a pen. I'm going to try next time to just use the pen, however scary it may be. I think it will help build confidence in my sketches.


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