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Cynthia Dahle

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Sketch a day in March

Hi, I excited to begin this month long journey of sketching. 

Sorry I am very behind in posting my sketches. I did my sketching while on a long (3500 mile) road trip. It was challenging, but fun to try out my materials on the road!

Yay! I'm finally caught up!

Day 31 What Captures Your Senses

What a fun month this has been. I've enjoyed all the other artist's sketches and have learned so much.

I decided to paint a funny clay pot with a cactus growing in it. I have it in my living room. It was my parents and the cactus has been growing for over 30 years (I hope I don't kill it!) 

I've always wanted to paint it because I think it is so funny and charming. But it always seemed too hard. I wanted to try something like finally. I think I over worked the paint and I tried some white ink for highlights. It didn't really work out the way I invisioned, but I'm still happy I tried it!


Day 30 Cupboard contents

This is my corner cupboard and the contents (sort of). It was very challenging and I got lost with all the stuff and the scale. I"m glad I tackled this, but I think I need a water color sketch book to let the paint spread and blend. 


Day 29

I tried to capture the beatiful design and color on my shampoo bottle.


Day 28 Transport

This is my sister's new bike. I really love the baskets on the back.


Day 27 Cafe or stores

This is a movie theater in my town that is very unique. I loved sketching it because I had never noticed some of the details before. 


Day 26 go somewhere new

I cheated a bit on this one. I used a sketch I did last week while we were on our trip. It is a dessert cactus and I had never seen one in person. It was a very warm sunny day.


Day 25 Old Things

Our old dog hair brush that is rusty and has been chewed on by past puppies.


Day 24 furniture

I love animals and currently have 2 cats and one dog. This dog bed has been used by several dogs in the past and is looking very worn, but it is still enjoyed by our dog, Max and our cat, Louise!


Day 23 Everyday Activities of people

I went to the cafe with my daughter and as we sat opposite of each other, I sketched her while she was working on her laptop. I really enjoy spending time with her.


Day 22 Texture

I wanted to capture the texture of something I have on my coffee table. I really didn't know where to start and had to start over. But I feel like I was able to learn and get closer to what I wanted as I went along. It is a very interesting textured rock.


Day 21 Dessert

I really don't eat sweets, so I was happy that my daughter had a cupcake she had not eatten yet. It had some very full piped frosting and a chocolate candy coated egg on top.


Day 20 Patterns

A plate from a covered cheese set. I really love the loose blue strokes the artist used to create the pattern. The color even bleeds into the glaze, like water colors.


Day 19 Accessories

This is a braclet my parents got me as a gift. It's from Mexico and has some green stones set in silver. I like the patina it has developed over the years.


Day 18 Bag

This is the bag I use to carry my sketching materials. I like the pretty pattern, but I didn't really recreate it very well.


Day 17 Flower

These are some desert flowers I saw blooming all over the area where we traveled to. I was able to sketch in the shade at a park and it was very relaxing. While we were gone, there was a snow storm back home, so it was lovely to be in the sunny, warm weather for a time.


Day 16 Animal

I waited until we got home to draw my cat, Louise. She is always interested in my paints.


Day 15 Stranger

This was a hard one for me since we didn't have a lot of time to sit while we were traveling. I mangaged to sketch this man in the breakfast area of the hotel. He didn't stay long enough and I couldn't get his arm!


Day 14 Materials

Here are the tools I've been using to sketch this month. I did this in the car and I kind of like the wonky lines.


Day 13 Family

I sketched my husband while he was putting his feet up in the hotel room after a long day of driving.


Day 12 Collection

I have a little collection of fossils. In Minnesota there are many small shells and other water fossils in the sandstone that is common around the area. The large one is an impression of a fern.


Day 11 Vegetable

This is my favorite vegetable, the Korean radish. I eat it raw, pickled and made into Kimchi.


Day 10 Appliance

I know this isn't an appliance, but it's something I use everyday. It was my Mother's stove top espresso pot and it has had a lot of hard use. She can no longer make coffee for herself, so I'm honored to have it passed on to me.


Day 9 Clothes

I attempted to sketch the clothes that are hanging up by my front door. The weather is getting warmer, so pretty soon these will be packed away for the summer.


Day 8 Shoes

These are my ugly, yet oh so comfortable walking shoes!


Day 7 Drink

My morning cup of coffe in the mug I got as a birthday gift from my kids. Every morning I have my coffe while I read the news with my cat, Louise on my lap and my dog, Max dozing next to me on the couch.


Day 6 Book

I like to read, so it was hard to choose a favorite book to sketch. I also love to cook so I chose my old beat up copy of Matering the Art of French Cooking that was from my mother's cookbook collection. I used to cook from this when I was a teenager and have fun memories thinking about those times.


Day 5 Fruit

I had an apple for lunch. I had fun using watercolors today. I'm learning a lot by looking at all the other projects that are being posted!


Day 4 Building

This is a drawing of my house. It's very cold today, so I sketched in the car. It wasn't an ideal location to sketch. My house is white with a grey roof. My neighbors houses are about 15 ft away on either side and we have a small yard. 


Day 3 a meal

I love soup for lunch. Today, I made a favorite of mine - Doenjang Guk, with rice, egg, spinach, zucchini and kimchi. It hit the spot on this cold winter day.


Day 2 Trees

I sketched the little crab tree in my front yard. It's no more than 4 ft high, but its branches spread out vertically about 5 or 6 ft wide. In the spring it has tiny pink buds that open up into white flowers. The birds eat the tiny apples in the fall.

It's winter where I live, in Minnesota, so the tree is bare right now. 


Day 1 Self portrait

Wow! I'm not very confident in drawing faces, let alone my own. It has a vague resemblance to me. I had a lot of trouble with my glasses. I first looked at a photo and did a blind contour drawing (I cheated a lot) and then I did the final one looking at myself in the mirror. 



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