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Sketch a Day for March


Day 31 - San Francisco Opera House 

I am inspired by architecture and my favorite subject is buildings, interior and exterior. I also love to sketch street scenes. This theater has such lovely curves and draped fabrics it is a nice contrast against the rhythm of the seats. I went to see a ballet performance here last week which makes the space that much more special to me.

Really enjoyed this month of sketching. Looking forward to the next workshop! And I've been very inspired by seeing everone else's work. I learned a lot seeing all the different techniques.



Day 30 - The contents of my daily make-up bag

I try to keep everything I might use daily in a little bag so that it's easy for me to switch bags on the fly. It's taked a lot of restraint to widdle my collection down to just this, I'm also tempted to include more litpstick or eyeshadow just in case (in case of what I don't know) but for the past year or so I've been good with this set up.

The little red thumb drive probably gets the most use!


Day 29 - Toiletries

Who new a family of 3 could have so many toothbrushes. Tow are for an electric toothbrush so that's why the extra 2 are there. I never though about how colorful the brushes are until I started to paint them. The colors got a little muddy here but that was my fault for not waiting for paint to dry!


Day 28 - Transportation

This is my little scooter. Whew! Lots of angles and foreshortening. In the lower right corner I tried drawing an outline of the scooter to work on the proportions a little more but it didn't turn out very well. Either way I"m glad I tried.


Day 27 - Cafe

Here is my version of a typical french cafe. Looking back on it the composition would have been better with people in it, I think that is what cafe life is all about.


Day 26 - Somewhere New

So this is the reason I didn't complete the assigments on time at the end of March. I was on vacation in Roatan with my family! This is a picture of my husband relaxing on the hammock outside of our room. It's the only sketch that I did while on vacation, the rest of the time I was swimming in the ocean.


Day 25 - Old Things

These are my old slippers, much loved and fact there is a hole in the bottom of one. Perhaps time to get new slippers!


Day 24 - Furniture

This is my favorite kitchen stool. Many a person has sat on this stool and been subjected to watching me cook. They are colorful and don't take up a lot of room, perfect!


Day 23 - Everyday Activity

Here is a sketch of some people walking to work. I wasn't able to do this one live because I just can't sketch that quickly. I took this picture from my office window and skecthed it later that evening. Unfortunately the tops of the heads were a little cut off so... I decided to focus on the movement of the feet.


Day 22 - Texture

I was away on vacation for a week laying on a I'm a little behind in the sketches but I'm determined to finish so I'll try to do a couple a day for the next few days so that I can finish.

This is an amazing green sweater that is made with a fake fur fabric. I love the texture and thought it would be a good challenge to try and represent. This was a really fun exercise and forced my to try something that I never would have otherwise.


Day 21 - Dessert

Sweets are not my thing so I couldn't find anything to sketch at first but then I discovered this package of cookies in the cupboard and figured this counts. Hard to capture all the detail in the cookie because the color is so dark but I tried to get a little of it with line work.I mixed a little pink into the brown to liven it up abit!


Day 20 - Pattern

This is my travel cosmetics bag. I really like the pattern on "mod" rectangles. I also like the color mixute of pink green and brown. Patterns like this are something I would never think up but I'm really drawn to them.


Day 19 - Accessory

This is one of my favorite necklaces, I got it in Lake Tahoe at a street fair. The main shape is made from recylced copper piping and the thread through the middle is a mixture of sea glass and quartz. The cord is made from leather which makes it very comfortable to wear.I like that the copper is starting to get a patina around the edges.


Day 18 - Bag

This is my favorite tote bag. I use it when I go away for the weekend. I try not to carry it to work because when I do I fill it up and it gets way too heavy!



Day 17 - Flower

This is a little orchid that was a gift from a friend. It's the 23rd today and I'm sad to say that there are no more flowers on it. I think my little kitty below got to them!


Day 16 - Animal

This is my little Kitty Luna (short for Lunatic!) The sketch in pen was quick because I knew she wouldn't sit there long. The shading and stripes were from memory. Fun to draw but she's much cuter in person.


Day 15 - Stranger

Not really a stranger, this is Pablo Picasso but I didn't know him personally :) I wasn't able to sketch live today so I sketch from a photograph in a magazine. I'm not ver good drawing people but this was a fun exercise.


Day 14 - Sketching Tools

Here are the paint colors, brushes and pens that I use to sketch. My favorite tool is a sable brush that I have. It was expensive but I've never regretted the investment. The paints I buy in tubes and then I make my own combination of the colors I want in my palette.


Day 13 - My Family

This is my husband relaxing on the sofa watching tv. It's his favorite spot! He didn't like the sketch because he said it looked like he was sleeping but I think it captured the moment.


Day 12 - My Collection

This is my collection of blue and white dishes in my cupboard. I enjoy hgaving the open storgae to be able to display my dishes and have to have easy access to them. 


Day 11 - Vegetable

I don't often use green when I sketch so I thought it would be fun to sketch a green pepper. All the little ins and outs are difficult to capture but I enjoyed trying. By the way, this is not my favorite vegetable but it makes a great subject.


Day 10 - Interesting assignment to sketch an appliance. I've had this grinder for more than 20 years (it does double duty as a spice grinder) and love that it still works!


Day 9 - One of may favorite shirts. There is actually much more detail in the pattern than I"ve shown here...but was afraid of making the sketch too muddy with detail. It's difficult to show folds in the fabric but it was fun to try.


Day 8 - This was a fun exercise. I typically drawing buildings and hard edged subjects so to draw something soft(ish) was a bit of a stretch but I'm happy with the results. Fun to try something new!


Day 7 - I was originally not going to post this picture. I'm not particulary happy with it and I was just going to paint another one... then I thought "that defeats the purpose" I should be happy posting the good, the bad and everything in between. I think that next time I will sketch the Margarita before I drink it and then it will turn out better!


Day 6 - The color swatches to the left were my attemps to mix some greens... I think the problem is the blue I'm using is not good. I'm going to have to experiemt a little more


Day 5 - My dried up old lemons


Day 4 - The view from my living room window.


Day 3 - My dinner last night! 3 kinds of Poke, Tuna, Salmon and ... mystery goodness. Really difficult to capture the subtleties of raw fish but I tried. I also had to make it quick since I was hungry too :) The sketch was made at the restaurant and I added the watercolor when I got home.


Day 2 - Fun to draw trees! These are cedar trees in the Presidio in San Francisco.


Day 1 - First ever self-portrait. Fun!


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