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Olivia Natale

Illustrator, Graphic Designer & Fine Artist



Sketch-a-Day Project

Hello! My name is Olivia Natale and I'm a recent college grad. I want to pursue a career as an artist, but often times I am very unsure of my abilities. I have a lot of ideas for different pieces, but I constantly find myself making excuses for why I can't start working on them (not enough time, too tired, etc.). I think I'm mostly afraid that my work isn't good enough.

I'm taking this class so that I can stop letting my fear get the better of me! Hopefully I can build confidence by at least making some kind of piece each day! :)

Day 1 Sketch:



Here it is! I picked a purple pen out of my collection of tools (and added some washi tape to cover my mistakes and add some other colors :) ).


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