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Sketch Your Life: 1 month of daily sketches

Hi!  I just finished another sketchbook workshop by Ria Sharon, which was AWESOME!  I am excited to do another one, so I have the daily inspiration to make art!!

So, here goes.  My drawings start from the bottom up...

DAY 31: What captures your senses

I have this old cowboy hat hanging on my wall.  It was my son's when he was little and went through his "cowboy" phase, when he didn't want to wear anything but cowboy clothes.  The hat has holes in it, because he wore it so often.  It captures my senses because of its texture and because of the memories it brings to me.


DAY 30: Contents of...

I have a huge library of books and thus lots of bookcases.  I sketched one of the cubbies in one of my bookcases.  It contains books, boxes of stuff (in this case, journals), pictures, painted rocks, a candle and a little pot I'm painting.  I guess I'm a collector.


DAY 29: Toiletries

I chose my toothbrush and toothpaste.  I keep them in a white container with seashell designs on it.  I find it soothing to have things around me that remind me of the ocean.


DAY 28:  Transport

My son used to go everywhere on his skateboard.  It was definitely a great means of transportation before he got old enough to drive.  


DAY 27: Shopping or cafe

We have an outlet shopping center near us.  I stopped by and sketched quickly before I had to get home.


DAY 26: Go somewhere new

I stopped by a large lake when I was driving by.  I've never been there but it seemed really nice.


DAY 25:  Something old

Today, I sketched an old metranome.  It was mine as a child. I used it to keep track of beats when I was playing and learning the piano.  


DAY 24:  Furniture

I didn't have much time today, so I quickly sketched one of the nicest pieces of furniture we have - a baby grand piano.  


DAY 23:  Everyday things people do

I quickly sketched this guy out shopping, looking into a store window.  I can never find people to stay still for me!


DAY 22:  Texture

This is a texture in my home.  I love the variations in color.


DAY 21: Dessert

It's getting close to Easter, so I have a few chocolate bunnies and truffles hanging around.  Hard to draw and not eat!  


DAY 20: Pattern

My step daughter seems to collect bandanas. This one has a happy, pink pattern.


DAY 19: Accessories

I don't wear much jewelry, except for my wedding rings.  But my husband loves watches.  I got him this one for our 5th wedding anniversary - it's made of wood (since the 5th anniversary gift is wood).  


DAY 18: Bag

My bag is a leather briefcase I've had for years.  I use it to carry my laptop and files for work wherever I go.


DAY 17: Flowers

My husband is so sweet.  This morning, when I saw the prompt for today, I said, "I need to find some flowers to sketch."  So what did he do?  Gave me a bouquet of flowers.  


DAY 16: Animal

This is my cat, George, eating his dinner.  He eats pretty fast, so I didn't have much time to sketch him before he moved.  Guess I should have sketched him when he was sleeping instead.  :-)


DAY 15: Stranger

Here is a quick sketch of a guy facing away from me on the sidewalk.  He only stood still for a few minutes, so my sketch was very fast.  


DAY 14: Sketching materials

I sketched my watercolors, marker and paint brush and water with watercolor pencils, then added a little water to highlight the colors. 


DAY 13: Family

This is a quick sketch of my husband.  He is the love of my life and my best friend.  He's actually much handsomer than this.


DAY 12: Things I collect

I collect sea shells, from the beach, as often as I can.  Here are a few of my collection.


DAY 11: Vegetable

I roasted some asparagus and mushrooms for dinner tonight.  They look a bit like green beans, but that's because I cut them into pieces instead of keeping them whole.  Asparagus is one of my favorite veggies - I love it on the grill, wrapped in pancetta or oven roasted.


DAY 10: Appliance

I have this old crock pot that I love.  They don't make them like this anymore.  It's so handy - and, as it turns out, fun to draw!


DAY 9: Clothes

It was a beautiful spring day today, which made me want to go for a run.  So I sketched my running clothes.


DAY 8: Shoes

My cowboy boots are some of my most comfortable and favorite shoes.  This pair is all black.  I tried to add in the shadows to show where the light comes from.  


DAY 7: Drink

I drink a ton of selzer during the day, when I'm working.  But when I tried to sketch it with shadows...I did not like how it turned out.  I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, but it doesn't look realistic to me.  I guess I need more practice. 


DAY 6: Book

I LOVE books!  I have a huge library of both read and unread books in my house.  Here is a small stack of just a few. 


DAY 5: Fruit

My son and I love strawberries, so I have them in the frig as often as possible.  These are very ripe and sweet, even though it's winter.  Love it!


DAY 4: Building

This is a house in a neighborhood close to me.  I took a little walk around then sat down and drew it.  It was a little cold, but luckily it didn't take too much time.  I love that I can sketch things quickly and still come up with something that I'm happy with.


DAY 3:  Lunch or dinner

Since I work at home, my lunch consists of whatever I have in my frig that day.  Today, I had a wrap sandwich, with turkey, lettuce and carrots.  Plus, some potato chips.  


DAY 2:  Trees

Today, it was raining, so I sat in my window and sketched the trees outside.  I am loving drawing in pen, because it helps me just draw and not worry so much.  


DAY 1:  Self portrait

I simply looked in the mirror and quickly sketched my face.  I have never been good at drawing people, so I'm pretty happy that it looks at least a bit like me.  



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