Karen Comer




Sketch - The fashion stories

Sketches - I'm sorry for the lightness of my sketches  - it might be difficult to see - I was definitely listening to you, Katie, when i watched your sketch video!

I found it difficult to sketch the airiness of tulle - can you tell me how I can show the tulle frothiness in the second sketch and the sheerness in the first sketch?  

I love how fashion tells stories. I am interested in beautiful fabrics, simple shapes, intricate details and feminine touches - and how they all come together to create something unique and special. I think the connections between fabric and shape, colour and texture create images and stories. I hope you like these stories!

Love the bold red colour which juxtaposes with the softness of the tulle. She looks strong and confident, ready for anything.

Love the colour of seafoam for the whole outfit and the frothy skirt. What is she waiting for and what is she thinking about?

Love the metallic touches, simple bodice and frilly skirt. Where is she going, this girl with the strength and fragility of a bird?

Love her full skirt, elegant pose - and the Paris backdrop! She is dressed to meet him, and her head is full of dreams ...

Love the lace, elegance, soft pleats and collar - very dainty and feminine. She is deceptively casual - underneath she is planning to take over the world - or at least her corner of it!

Love her curvy silhouette, the contrasting red and black and her black tulle shoulders. Inside her bag, she has her favourite red lipstick, sensible flat shoes, snacks for her kids - she is about to rip off the bottom third of her dress, toss her hat to the sky and take her kids to the park!

Love this fairy dress made of real petals - from my six-year-old daughter's book! This dress belongs to a fairy who loves dancing beneath the stars on a summer's night ...


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