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Character conceptual design has always been my strongest skillset when it comes to artwork, but lately I've felt that my work has become stagnant and flat.  I am a fan of Patrick Brown's art for quite some time, so I jumped at the chance to give this class a go.  I've finally completed some sketches that I've deemed decent enough to submit for review.

I will first post a few samples of my sketchwork before taking this class.  Just to give an comparison point, I only uploaded characters that I have practiced since taking the class.  I would greatly appreciate any suggestions for improvements and/or techniques I should persue.




Please forgive the terrible appeal of a photograph.  I was without access to a scanner when I drew the second and third images and had wanted to digitalize them immediately.

Following are the result of two weeks worth of sketches.  I completed the second image before the first.  However, I laid out the basic shapes of the first one and then decided to come back to it.  The third image took me the longest as I had quite a lot of fun shading the entire page to add atmosphere.  I would also like to note, that the second image is supposed to look more cartoon-like compared to the others - I just didn't fully draw him that way.





I'll just note my favorite and least favorite parts of each image. 

-Of these four sketches, the first one is my favorite.  This is my Mutants and Masterminds character - whose powers are modelled after Danny Phantom.  I am most pleased with the shape of the face and chin.  I do feel that her right (our left) leg does not pop as much as the rest of the image.  And I just realised that I failed to continue the pattern of her tunic under the two straps attached to her belt.  It looks like she has two wide belts on.  I'll need to correct that.

-The second I find to be invigorating, though I am not very happy with it otherwise.  I feel that I made the face too far to his right and I do not like how his right (Our left) fist came out.  His left arm and the whirlwind of water below his waist are my favorite part.  The bits coming off of him are intended to look like water.  And his hair is supposed to look like kelp the way I chose to clump it together.

-The third image has a lot of atmosphere and though I made the eyes too large, I opted not to fix them becuase I liked the effect they had on the image.  My favorite part is her hair, the small strands I drew out of place seem to give it a lot of volume.  Though it may be difficult to tell, the bricks behind her became skewed as I drew them.  I used a straight edge, but I must have slipped up somewhere.  I tried to hide it when I cropped it, but I can still see it.

-I nearly gave up on the forth image entirely.  I only continued it after drawing her left (Our right) hand.  Normally, hands are one of the hardest things to draw for me.  Her cape is my favorite part, though I think I may need to shorten the edge on her right (Our left) or add in a billow to the left of it for depth.  Otherwise, I love the flowing shape of it.  I dislike how her hair came out.  I followed my guide for her head, but it makes the top of her head look too pouffed.  And her curls didn't come out as well as I'd hoped, usually I don't have much trouble with them.

In closure, I feel that my strongest aspect of drawing is in clothing.  I seem to do well in interpreting where and how folds appear.  My weakest aspects are easily in making individual faces, perspective and shadows.  Most designs I make, tend to be very flat.  The only character I seem to be able to draw fairly well is the character with the circlet and long, wavy hair.  And frankly, that is likely because her physical appearance is modeled after myself when I had long hair - I understand that many artists tend to fill in details of their own face while drawing characters.

Since taking the class, I am starting to draw characters with a little more depth to them.  I have, overall, been much more pleased when what I draw.  Using more exaggerated lines seems to help give them more appeal.  And again, I'd appreciate any and all adive.  I'm here to improve.

Thanks much!



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