Sketch Demos

Sketch Demos - student project

Here are the pictures of the sketches I did in the videos, for anyone that wants a closer look. These were just snapped with my iPhone and brightened up in photoshop, so it doesn't take much effort to make them look pretty nice. Can't wait to see your projects! :)

First, the Timed Exercise

Sketch Demos - image 1 - student project


The Memory Sketch (>.<)

Sketch Demos - image 2 - student project


The Blind Contour - Look at all that lovely detail >.<

Sketch Demos - image 3 - student project


Draw while looking up - check out that difference!

Sketch Demos - image 4 - student project


Gesture Drawing

Sketch Demos - image 5 - student project


Shape Contour Drawing

Sketch Demos - image 6 - student project


And that's it! Hope you enjoyed the class and I would love to hear from you, students. :)