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Maria Bombassat




Sketch Challenge accepted!

Hi! My name is Maria, I'm from the Canary Island, Spain. I'm an illustrator and I work on that, most of the time I have to do digital work. I love drawing by hand and using watercolors and other traditional tools, but I feel that sometimes it's hard for me to take my sketchbook and start drawing. I feel very close of the feelings that mention Ria, I don't know what to draw, I think I don't have enough time to start something or I feel that what I do it's not good enough, I constantly fight with those thoughts. So I think this is the perfect challenge for me to make things without thinking too much and just enjoying, thanks Ria!!!
One of my limitations is drawing people doing things. Another limitation is coloring with watercolors, I would use less colors but use them best. So, for each prompt I'm going to draw with ink and watercolors (using just a few colors)  one scene of a film where people are doing things. I love cinema so I think it will be funny. Let's start!!

DAY 01. Roots.

I have choose Takeshi Kitano's film "Kikujiro". The adventures of a boy looking for his mothert during the summer holidays.

I did it a bit late at night so I choose not to use watercolors because it takes me more time and color it with markers.



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