Sketch - Candid frills

I am laughing to myself as I am writing this, realizing that I have NO IDEA how to render my sketch in watercolors; the details and the fact that it is in white. But, there is something about the details that I love. One of the things that I am hoping to learn from this class in seeing everyone sketches, is to understand how to draw looser. There is a stiffness to my sketches that I have not yet learned to rid myself of. So, any ideas on that matter, (and of course, my rendering issue) would be much desired!

I went looking for inspiration that I can see on paper as an illustration. What I enjoy in Kate Rodgers illustrations is the great use of embellishment and fun details. I looked for runway designs that I could see her illustrating and would like to be able to do myself. I also picked figures that I can understand how her body is standing/swaying to better help me in the sketching process.




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