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Mary Ellen Larter

Artist, Writer & Designer



Skeleton Studies

In college I loved drawing, but since then I haven't made much time for it outside of basic concept sketching for my job. I decided to work a skeleton study to get back into things. I made a pinterest board of other skeleton studies to reference while I drew. Honestly, I was a little worried I wouldn't be able to draw anymore after so many years away from it, but after a few studies my hands started to loosen up. 

You can see my inspiration board here:

This is a picture of my finished drawing inside my sketchbook.

The computer aspect came very easy for me. I work in photoshop all day long, so I was familiar with clipping things out and using different brushes / textures. I thought this part of the process was really fun, because I could experiment without worrying about ruining my oringinal drawing. I did a lot of different versions - but these were my favorites:


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