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Skeletal Snake Warrior

This was such a fun class to take part of. I've followed Yuko's work from a distance for awhile, and when I came across Skillshare and her inking class- I had to jump on. Inking has always been my medium of choice, but with pens and brush-pens. I've always wanted to get into real brush inking, and with this class, I've found a whole new excitement about inking again. 

I had a ton of older brushes that I've primarily used for watercolors, and tried them early on and found that they were too frayed and produced varied-lines when the brush tip dried a bit. I did find this to be a really nice effect when I wanted to create an interesting dry bush texture- you can see it in the back of the cloak (kind of sketchy looking- thats the old brushes). I did buy a totally new brush (watercolor round 4) and it has been amazing to do the linework. eventually I'll get some larger brushes for bigger pieces, but this is a start.

Below is the rough sketch of the fantasy illustration I wanted to create. Nothing too conceptual, just wanted to illustrate an interesting skeletal character with snakes coming from his insides.


And now here you can see where I've re-drawn the design on a sheet of watercolor paper and have started inking. I'm also using Sumi Ink (non-waterproof).


And here is the final piece with the new brush I purchased alongside. It was a great learning experience, and really loved all of the interesting things you can do with dry brush. I really dont know if I can go truly back to brush pens as a main vehicle for my inking now. I post a lot more of my inking studies and general process work on my instagram page here @abklopp and on my twitter account @aaronklopp. You can see all of my recent work on my website: Thanks for checking it out!




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