Skateria - student project

I'm a recent graduated graphic designer from São Paulo - Brazil and I have been working on agencies and design studios for about 3 years.

The market for this area has never been so hot before over here, but as time went by I figure that I didn't like working with design the way it is done in here. It's a mess and eventhough is hot, it is still a mess.

I had a nice job, was making good money, working with very nice people that belived in my work, but I'm 23 and was truelly unhappy. So I asked myself: "I have everything I could possibly have at work and I'm not happy, how long it will take me to regret being stuck in this situation?" So I quit.

Design has a lot of potencial in Brazil, especially becouse most of the people don't even know about it and haven't still understanded the importance and richness of it. So there is a lot of space for good people.

Skateria - image 1 - student project

My project is a brand - but I like to call it a moviment instead - that aproaches people through design. It's like a lifestyle moviment shop. I'll start by selling skateboards wich speeks a lot about the brand feelings a concept to lounch the moviment and start the cash flow so I can invest in more things and really put it all together.

Ps: sorry about my english.