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Skater Twins

Fri May 2 2014

Character brief:

My husband is working on creating a card game that is based in a post-apocalyptic zombie universe and I will be creating some of the art or at least art direction! The character(s) I'm starting with (subject to change) are twin "skater kids," a boy and a girl around the age of 14. The game requires separate art for each twin, both as a human and as a zombie (4 illustrations). I plan to start broadly and then focus on one individual for the purposes of this course, but maybe some of the variations will come in handly for the other illustrations!

Weds May 14 2014

Thumbnail silhouettes:

These silhouettes are all based on photos I collected as reference material. I experimented with two different brushes and I think the second one is working better to allow me to focus on the shape.

Thurs May 15 2014


I had a lot to choose from so I narrowed it down to 8. I refined each of these to a level where I understand and can better compare their poses. I think I may have gone a little heavy on the linework... but I would love to hear your feedback!


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