Skateboarder Avatar

Skateboarder Avatar

Updated Nov, 3rd 2012


• Gender: Male

• Age: 13 - 30

• Ethnic Background: Australian / Multi Cultural

• All cities / states in Australia

• Income Level: Parent supported, employed: avg $50k

• Job Status: Student and full time employed


• Magazines: SLAM, The Skateboarders Journal, Thrasher, Transworld, The Skateboard Mag

• Favorite Blogs:, Slam, Slap forums

• Celebrities / Authorities They Trust: The top skateboarders, Industry heads: E.g. Top photographers, filmmakers and writers.

• Newsletters: n/a

• Favorite Social Media Tools: Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr


• The biggest problem they need solved?:  Buying skateboard products that are authentic, aesthetically appealing  and support their community. Pretty much a brand and team riders they have the upmost respect for.

• Their biggest character flaw?: Image conscious

• Are they motivated by success or fear of failure?  Success. Skateboarding takes persistence to gain skills.

• What does the perfect solution look like to them?:  A brand that they feel is authentic, which they respect. Which is proven to them through the products that are designed and the support of their community. This support is communicated through the sponsored team riders, community events and stories told on behalf of the community. The brands team riders are at the top of their game and are featured promimently in the skate media.

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