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Skateart @matdisseny (recycled skateboards)

Marc Argelich Trigo A.K.A (Matdisseny) was born in Manresa (Barcelona) in 1976. Graduated in Graphic Design by the Art School of Terrassa (Barcelona) in 2003 . He was  been working for several studios and graphic marketing departments as a graphic designer. After more than ten years in advertising, he decided to establish himself as freelance and explore other disciplines such as the direction and illustration without leaving the graphic design. 

At he end of 2011 he started to paint his first Skateboard (a blanket board) and after this artwork started to work with recycled Skateboards.In the 2014 he decided to move all the artworks in different exhibitions, with the name "Skate Art". The artwork that you can see here, is a long process of experimentation from one of his passions during his childhood: Skateboarding culture and his life style. He works with recycled skateboards, from his skaters friends like: Andres Lopez Bayot, Quim Monter, Diego Pulido, Dani Calvo,  Alex Montero and Oriol Bonet.

Marc works in order to provide a new life to the recycled skateboards,  that have been skated intensively. Wood got highly durability and resistance but still have come to crack or split. Is here where Marc feels comfortable with this noble and nice material such as wood (native from the forests of Canada and considered one of the best wood in the world, for the realization of skateboards, maple wood). A woodworking craftsmen and mechanics, first washes the original drawing, sanding wood and then, based on sketches done in pencil, and he  applies a new design with markers (Posca) and spray paint (Mtn), reaching a new custom object with a unique design, and all this from a recycled skateboard or sometimes on a new blank deck.







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