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Victor Coreas




Skate Pirate - 360 Flip

This is my inspiration. These are just a few artist or pieces of artwork/skate graphics that have been inspiration for a long time. I will keep adding to the board.


My Skate Pirate

I knew from the begining that I would be doing something with skateboarding. So i set out to illustrate the 360 flip, which is one of my favorite tricks. 

Original sketches are very rough but I've started redrawing character with pen tablet in photoshop.


First Sketch


Second Sketch of my Skate Pirate


Colored WIP

I brought it into photoshop and played aroudn with some elements. The skate ramp and garbage can are just props and things we skated with. I think it'll would remind anyone that skated about the great times you had in front of your house ollieing over garbage cans and going off launch ramps.

I want to add some other details and maybe work on the background.

Miight add some typographic element.


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