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Skate Buddha

Hello, for this project I choose to draw a Budha riding on a skateboard.

Not so long ago I bought my first skateboard and before that I always enjoyed to watch the street league. 

About Buddha, I also read a few months ago some book about buddhism, and I found interesting what they said, plus i like the image of Buddha and how people represent him.

In conclusion, I wanted to mix two interesting subjects for me and try to make a cool (hopefully) piece of illustration. I selected my mood board based on Buddha pictures and skateboards

Then I made really rough sketches trying to put some ideas on paper. Later I'll see which one I'll use.


Here is the sketch I chose. I wanted to make it in a way that it still looks like a sketch but a bit more detailed, just to try what would be the result and have fun.

Hey, I wanted to upload a second version of my sketch (with ink instead of pencil) and two versions I made. I'm still not sure if I like them or not, but I wanted to share them.

Version #1

Version #2

Hope some of you like them :) (and suggestions are more than welcome)


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