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Morganne Borowczyk

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Sixty percent of the time, it works every time.

"Sixty percent of the time, it works every time."

Okay, so here I am making a stupid quote again while everyone is trying to be so inspirational. Oh well.

I am a huge fan of the movie Anchorman and wanted to make a t-shirt with that Sex Panther perfume scene, because it's hilarious !

I wanted a very "old school tattoo" look for this one, so I just looked at panther tattoo designs for reference :


And here is my first sketch based on all that :


Then I uploaded that to Illustrator because it felt more comfy for the type and also to make nice, clean white line art (which is not that easy with a black pen). I used my Wacom tablet and drew on top of the drawing, and ended up with this :


Colors are were like that because it made it easier to see what was done or not but I find it quite fun actually. I used a tapered brush shape to make the outlines look more organic.

Now here it is with the type added as well as other little details :


I added a circle in the back, and some little swirly clouds because this quote is about a stinking perfume and it had to be recalled, and I didn't want to add a little perfume thingy on top of my panther's head.

The type here is probably just going to be a guideline for me to draw my own on tracing paper, I want to be able to sell the t-shirts so yeaaah I would need to check font licences and stuff. It feels safer to use it just for positioning/letter-spacing and to hand draw my own.

I haven't started carving yet so I would be quite grateful for any suggestion you guys might have on this design. What do you think?


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