Six Flags Data

Growing up, almost every kid's favorite place to be was at an amusement park. Sure, amusement parks are filled with thrills and laughs, however no one really takes the time to track how how long they spend waiting in line, just to ride a ride for a couple of minutes. I decided to track myself through a day at Six Flags Over Georgia. I found that there was a positive correlation between the time i spent waiting for each ride and my rating of each ride. Usually the rides that had the longest wait time were the rides that I enjoyed the most, probably because others at the park shared a similar preference in rides as me. All in all, I found that I  spent almost 5 hours of total wait time for the rides and spent an average of 2.3 minutes on each ride. In turn, I got to experience 8 thrill filled rides, and got to spend time with some friends. As you can see, you spend a lot of time waiting in line at six flags, but it's up to you to decide if the experience is worth it. 

Hey Al Chen, can you please take a look at my data. Any type of feedback is appreciated!


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