Siticon: a Social EHR improving people's health

Siticon: a Social EHR improving people's health - student project

Siticon: a Social EHR improving people's health - image 1 - student project

SITICON stands for (in portuguese) Integrated Health through IT and Connectivity.

We are a web based Eletronic Health Record (EHR). Empowered by social networking technology, our product connects insurance companies, health providers and general public. Siticon automates insurance companies and provider's operational process, reducing costs rand rising efficiency while helps everyone to keep track of their health information.

Viral Map 

Players list

  • Health Insurance Companies
  • Healthcare providers
  • Ordinary People

Reasons players will join the service

  • Health insurance: Drop down operational costs an get more control under providers network and insured population.
  • Providers: the whole new way to interact with their clients and insurance companies through Siticon will make providers enhance revenue and reduce operational costs.
  • Ordinary people: will have more control on their health expenses and information. will be very easy for a patient change doctors considering that he can share all his health record with another health professional.

What can be charged?

  • Insurance and providers: Most operational features will be free. Features like online appointments, Business intelligence, Health intelligence, health promotion programs management are going to be paid.
  • Ordinary people: All features will be free. Although there will be a "second opinion" service. The client that is ok with his doctor, but still wants another opinion from a perhaps more experienced professional, will be able to share their health record with great professional within Siticon.

Reasons why players would pay and/or need their contact:

  • Health insurance: 
  • Providers:
  • Ordinary people:

Channel List

  • Facebook/Linked in
  • E-mail

How to get users contact data

  • Import from webmail API's for Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, Facebook connect, Linked in API
  • Import from Insurance companies and providers database

How those invites will look like:

Doctor's invite:

Insurance Invite:

Friends/family invite: